Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your running out of our money !

Dan Hannan puts the knife in. Good man, but I fear its all too late. Brown is on his insane campaign to try to get other people to join his election bribe borrowing binge fiscal stimulus plan.

Even the Queen's worried. She had the governor of the Bank of England in yesterday, a very unusual move. The governor, Mervyn King, went on to warn about further borrowing at the Treasury select committee.

I wonder if the Queen might consider dissolving Parliament if Brown's fiscal policy looks like ruining the country for the next 50 years, on the basis - that I have argued - that he has no popular mandate to do so. Cameron should try and find out.

Update 15:22 25 Mar 09: Dan Hannan's speech is becoming a Youtube hit and has been posted almost in unison by bloggers ( see Plato Says here ). Guido is claiming some influence in getting it onto the Drudge report . The Daily Telegraph, suddenly reaslising the star on its payroll has a link on its web page and the stats are mounting fast.

Political Betting is reporting people placing bets on Dan Hannan for next Tory leader .... At 200/1 I'd say those odds look good.

Of course the BBC is ignoring it.

I attach the above screen shot to remeber this happy moment when America is introduced to what we really think of Brown.

Update 26 Mar 09

Dan Hannan's speech is now going mainstream in the US with Fox news and Rush Limbaugh making it a key issue. Still not a squeak out of our media (esp the BBC - except for the bloggers screaming in the comments section ), but over 2/3 of a million viewers of his speech so far !

This is going to be one of the most fanous replies to a speech ever made ( no one will remeber what Brown droned on about ).

And of course I should have added a link to Dan's own blog report on this event. Notice how he credits being outside the EPP as giving him the opportunity to speek !

The First Post has also caught up with the sudden star status of its regular contributor.

Further Looks like the BBC has finally had to admit defeat as it can expect to be reminded of this omission for years to come. But its doing so a grumpily as possible.

In the mean time a Labour voting friend of mine has just "told me" about the Dan Hannan reply, since he's been emailed by friends int he US who are telling him to have a look.

The BBC News web site now has a link which looks like its to the speech, but is really just the hatchet job The Daily Politics did on it ( this is being done grudgingly ). They also fail to put a link to the Youtube speech - preventing BBC readers from making up their own minds with out BBC reporter chaperoning and prefixing any debate with "hardly known", just of interest to obsessives etc.


Rachel Joyce said...

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the Palace.

Man in a Shed said...

As Guido hints you have to wonder if the establishment isn't beginning to wonder if something will have to be done about Brown.

However Mervyn Kings comments combined with the failure of the UK Treasury guilt sale today and the Czech prime minster (but not for much longer as he's just lost a vote of no confidence)describing Brown's favoured borrow yet more money plan as "the road to hell" perhaps he has been stopped.

The BBC is reporting that Brown is try to emphasise printing money ( debauching your currency by printing more ) and reducing interest rates as equally important now he can't get what he wants.

But I'm still impressed by Dan Hannan's speech. You move in the circles that intersect his Rachel - please let him know how much he has cheered us all up.