Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More hypocrisy from Gordon Brown over MPs pay

So Gordon Brown is trying to deflect the bad publicity which his minister, Tony McNulty, who has been exposed claiming £60k allowances he didn't need by "calling for an inquiry". And to make sure there will be plenty to smear the Tories with, wants to include other jobs.

But hold on doesn't he have another job as well as being an MP ? Well two actually:

  • Gordon moonlights as the Prime Minister ( a job he gained in a bloodless coup against the elected prime minister Tony Blair ).
  • He's also Leader of the Labour party !

But of course he only means jobs that might connect MPs with the real world, ie "outside" jobs, and preferably ones he can use to attack the Conservatives with, since they have the unfair advantage of having people with real talent as MPs.

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