Thursday, March 26, 2009

Advertising on your blog

Last week Economist had an article on the impending doom of services such as Twitter who haven't figured out how to make money yet. ( Whilst I'm a happy Twitter user I can't really see it lasting that long in its current form ).

This got me thinking about if services such as Blogger, which we don't pay for, shouldn't carry adverts.

For what its worth Blogger is a great service, but it occurs to me that it must be hard to make it pay. And ultimately things that don't pay stop. So I'm wondering about running google adverts here.

Any thoughts ?

I used to take the view that having adverts on your blog was a bit much, but now I'm coming round to the idea that perhaps it would be more consistent with my view of the world to either pay for a blog service or run adverts.


old and angry said...

Do it! we don't have to be seduced by ads.
We come here for the quality of writing.

Wyrdtimes said...

Go for it - I'll give em a click when I visit.