Friday, March 27, 2009

What wouldn't Brown do to stay in office ?

Because I'm beginning to wonder. Just consider some of the evidence:
  1. Sell out our ability to control our own banking system ( he's been volunteering that if only the EU will give him good publicity at his G20 election rally ).
  2. Sell out his country to the EU ( Tick - done when signing the Lisbon treaty ).
  3. Enslave the whole population to more debt than was run up fighting the Nazis (Tick - Pretend help now - Real pain later. )
  4. Refuse to reform public services in case it damages his plans to become prime minister and allows him to annoy Tony Blair (Tick - the NHS now kills people by the plane load at some hospitals ).
  5. Send our forces to fight, but refuse to provide them with the equipment to do the job - but just lie about it hoping people won't notice (Tick ).
  6. Destroy the English Constitution to try and get back some Catholic votes lost when the organised murder of unborn children and experimentation on human embryos and creation of Frankenstein hybrids was authorised, along with outlawing Christian morality on human relations and treating Christian couple who want to adopt/foster as criminals (Just working on it with the palace as we speak on the first part - Tick everywhere else).
  7. Fund Islamic extremism with public money (apparently to stop Terrorism !!) and completely fail to enforce the law on immigration leading to millions of people who are now starting to form colonies in the country rather than integrate (Tick - as long as they vote Labour he doesn't care about the future ).
The costs of Gordon Brown's mistakes from the pre-election bride at Rover, through selling gold at the low in the market and the pathetic minor (but expensive ) adjustment to VAT and the billion upon billions spent on Scottish banks to be paid for by English people and their children and their children.

As I've said elsewhere the mood on Labour and Brown is turning ugly. If I was a Labour MP I would go out in disguise on the streets for the shame of being associated with Gordon Brown and the pathetic party that puts its own expense accounts ahead of the good of the country.


Wyrdtimes said...

I don't have the words to express how much I hate Brown and Labour.

Man in a Shed said...

@Wyrdtimes - to a very large extent its what I'm trying to do with this blog.

But I have the answer to my question in the post, its obvious really.

Brown won't apologise or accept responsibility.

( I think he will be forced from office in June. )

The Welsh Worrier said...

...and what about wrecking our private pension sector, once the best in Europe and undermined by his ginormous tax raid?

Tory Poppins said...

Absolutely on the money! Bravo post!

wildgoose said...

Your comment about him being forced from office in June is one of the reasons why I think he might gamble on an election in June - before things get truly horrific.

I do think they should face criminal charges though. And in a manner of speaking, there is precedent. All the actions of Cromwell's "Long Parliament" were declared invalid and abolished at a stroke. I would certainly be in favour of scrapping the entirety of zaNuLabour's legislative output - anything considered necessary could always be redone.