Tuesday, September 09, 2008

John Littlejohn on the liar and bully Gordon Brown

This blog has had Gordon Brown clearly in its cross hairs from just after day one. I have had some harsh things to say about him, but I think Richard Littlejohn's piece in today's mail knocks me into the shade. He's right on the money - exert below, full article here...

With his one good eye on events the other side of the Atlantic,
Gordon Brown has decided to share his personal 'story' with us.

He has convinced himself that if he reminds us about his rugby injury and
his dead daughter, we'll forget about his incompetence, deceit,
duplicity, dishonesty, downright lying, bullying, cowardice, volcanic
temper tantrums, vanity, sulking, unjustified sense of entitlement,
betrayal, bungling and boasting.

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