Wednesday, September 10, 2008

England to be sacrificed to pay bribes to Scots, Welsh and Irish

The problem is that England has no representation. There needs to be a English Conservative party in the same way as there are Welsh, Northern Irish and Scots Conservative parties.

Until then the answer will always be to short change England.

See Conservative home reaction to the TPA's analysis of this year Barnett Formula bonaza for the Celts.


Alan Cochrane writes in the Telegraph today (no comments allowd on his peace today - and I can see why he would be running scared of them ):

    In addition David Cameron has made it plain that he is determined to safeguard the UK by not pandering to his "little Englander" wing and by putting the Union first.

If you read the article you'll see that only English nationalism is referred to as "little". Scots nationalism by contrast is granted full respect by this supposed Unionist, who from what I can see has been employed by the Telegraph with the single task of defending the Union.

And yet, by and large, it is not the English nationalists who seek to break the Union, but the Scots.

So, Mr Cochrane, why never "little Scotlanders" ?

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The Secret Person said...

Cochrane is normally pretty anti-SNP too. He is a typical British nationalist, thinking he is morally superior to English and Scottish nationalists because we choose different nations.

tally said...

As an English Nationalist and a one time old labour voter. I relish the idea of taking on anti English tories in the future.
Cameron was a big mistake for England.

wildgoose said...

Have you noticed that Cochrane consistently refers to the SNP as "Nats" in order to subtly imply "gnats"?

Is infantile name-calling the best argument he can make in defence of the Union?

Bill Quango MP said...

But which political party will have a grown up debate on the issue? Only the SNP probably, that's no good.

Man in a Shed said...

Wildgoose - yes the aim is always to dismiss people out of hand. The test I always set myself in these terms is what might I think if I'd been born a Scot, and whilst economically liberal I can see why nationalism appeals. Hence they deserve a decent debate and respect.

Bill Quango - my preferred solution would be to create an official English identity inside the main parties. ( The Lib Dems technically have it - but do nothing with it. )

The aim has to be to win the battle for ideas - the rest will follow.