Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brown resigns - but your going to be disappointed

Yep clearly too good to be true, its the Mr Brown who was police minister in New South Wales.

The Mr Brown who has wrecked the golden economic legacy left to him by the last Conservative government is still clining to power and will spend any sum of your money to stay there.

Today its the energy stealth tax of over GBP 900 million. The Energy companies will provide various services having conceeded these points under black mail by the governmet desperate to decieve the population that it won't actually have to pay for every gimmick Brown and his team of lossers come up with over the next year.

You will of course pay - in your fuel bills.

Its just another stealth tax from the most shamless government in British history.

( Don't get me wrong govt has every right to raises taxes and spend them how it likes - its just this one is so dishonest about how it goes about doing it. )

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