Monday, September 08, 2008

Reduce net immigration to zero

This is precisely what the vast majority of the general population wants and what our politicians have conspired to prevent from happening.

I guess even in today's climate where the recent wave of immigration from Eastern Europe has reduced the ability of the pro-immigration lobby to call racist every time someone brings this up, such a call could only be made by a cross party group of MPs.

Its time someone listened. ( If not it is clear that democracy doesn't properly function in the UK and its system of government is effectively a conspiracy against its people. )

I know how strong all that sounds, but we've waited - been understanding and generous for decades and all that is getting us is a country of 77 million people which we can feed, house or keep employed.

Update: Daniel Hannan has a post on the same point - that makes the point for why this will never happen under our system better than I have.

See also Douglas Carswell MP here "Immigration - the issue the Westminster elite don't want discussed"


Tom Paine said...

It's an interesting policy idea, but difficult to implement. We cannot deny entry to EU citizens so (assuming fewer of them come than British citizens leave in a given year) we must only allow enough non-EU immigrants to balance those numbers. But what if more British people leave than EU citizens arrive? How do we balance the numbers then? Also we won't know what the numbers were until after the event (and after making assumptions about the level of illegal immigration). Left-wing governments will tend to underestimate and right wing governments to overestimate. The whole thing will make immigration more of a political issue. I am not saying it shouldn't happen. I AM saying it would destroy a few political careers and is therefore an idea likely to be floated and then allowed to sink without trace.

Man in a Shed said...

This may explain why some of the MPs involved in the discussion are at the end of their careers.

When I grew up the issue of being able to feed the domestic population from home grown food was still an issue. Geography lessons taught you about how much wheat was grown, needed and why some of it was swapped with the US and Canada ( apparently ours is too soft - can't remember why ).

The country could perhaps still remember two attempts to starve us.

We could just feed 45 million people, 77 million gives you Lord of the Flies meets the Balkans.

I agree on the left's likely course. They have always assumed that immigrants = more votes for them combined with the added joy of destroying the society they despise so much. They may be taking a double look after the July tube bombings, but they'll be back on course soon enough. ( In fact since they achieve their aim by their usual neglect and incompetence they don't really need to do anything. )

The questions on balance are good, but I assume the underlying aim is to restrict immigration from the current near free for all to some sort of actively managed process.

The great danger her is if conventional politics and politicians can't deliver then the likes of the BNP are in the wings waiting for their chance.

Womble On Tour said...

It's a good idea butit simply isn't going to happen. PARTLY because, in your excellent words, "democracy doesn't properly function in the UK and its system of government is effectively a conspiracy against its people" but also because the govt is fixated with the idea that immigration is a positive force. The fact that we can't afford it from an infrsatructure point of view is not relevant.

Letters From A Tory said...

It still comes down to our membership of the EU, not least because the Lisbon Treaty would promote harmonisation of immigration policies that would wipe out our controls on non-EU migrants.