Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lib Dem peers to sell the UK down the river

So the betrayal is in. The Lib Dems having stood on a general election manifesto promise of allowing the voters to decide on the EU Constitution, are going to vote in exactly the other direction.

Their justification for this betrayal of their country and their word ?

    Lord McNally, Lib Dem leader in the Lords, said he would not fall into "elephant traps" set by the Tories. - the BBC reports

So its tactical politics trumps the existence of the current UK state ? The Lib Dems are the worst, and completely devoid of principle, opportunists in politics.

Nick Clegg is right to emphasis the Liberal in Lib Dem because they are no longer democrats. One day it is my sincerest hope that these quislings and oath breakers will pay the price of their betrayal of the peoples trust.

By the way the same applies to the Labour peers and the likes of Lord Brittan.

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