Monday, March 31, 2008

NSO Week: Marriage - England and Wales, no evidence of a turn to Catholicism

Ok having promised to do this I'd better get on. The National stats de jour are on marriage, specifically the recorded religious marriages. (I suspect that marriages from other religions than Christianity are counted in the civil ceremony section).It is noticeable than the Church of England (and Wales ) vastly dominates the stats here - and Protestant marriages completely dominate, which shows the C of E still carrying out a national role and Protestantism being the default setting in England and Wales- Catholic spin doctors take note. ( I realise the next time many of the people who get married return to church will be for their funeral - however this does evidence a certain level of connection and preference ).

The share of religious marriages recorded has been declining - but has stabalised recently.

PS Please note the years are not evenly spaced, jumping 10 years, then five, then one. I'd sort this out - but its way too much trouble at this time of night.

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