Monday, March 31, 2008

Keeping a dead foetus is an "inexcusable failure" - but killing one is not !

How strange and confused our attitudes are. The BBC is reporting that:

    Hospital bosses have apologised for an "inexcusable failure" after the bodies of seven miscarried and aborted foetuses were kept in a mortuary.

Nothing out of place here, except it shows that a miscarried foetus or aborted child has a place over and above say an extracted pair on tonsils. Man in a Shed has his tonsils out as a child a no one offered him a dignified ceremony for their disposal - though he does remember getting a ice lollipop afterwards, and was amazed that hospitals stocked such things.

Of course there is a great difference that's obvious between the wanted children who were unable to be carried to term, and those who's journey to childhood was aborted by humans for whatever reason.

But here's what strikes me - what the pro abortion side would have us believe is just a peace of unfeeling, insentient dead meat is worth an apology for an "inexcusable failure" over its disposal and not providing a "special dignified service" as part of that disposal (burying or cremation apparently).

I can't help thinking there is some confusion here at the heart of our attitude to abortion. It is inexcusable apparently not to treat the remains of a potential life with respect and dignity, but ending that life is fine.

* My definition of life here is that a biological entity will without further intervention proceed to a point where it will itself be able to reproduce. Killing is the artificial cessation of that process through outside intervention.

Update: Nadine Dorries is reporting an interesting conversation with a doctor who caries out abortion, but refuses to do cases at greater than 16 weeks as “it doesn’t matter what the reasons are, it’s life as we know it at that stage and changes from a procedure into something else slightly more sinister”. Read her post here.

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