Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NSO Week: UK Population

If this population projection - based on current trends - is right then we will need a lot more housing. So perhaps there is a limit to how low house prices might fall.

Every time I see these figures I remember being taught at school that the Uk population was 54 million - its opver 60 million now. I also remember how hard it was to feed a smaller population in time of national crisis ( WWII ). (Also geography lessons when we learnt how much wheat the UK produced and the need to swap some of it with American wheat - something to do with our wheat being to soft I think.)

I don't think its that wise, in the long term, to have a population vastly bigger than you can feed. In this age when we think we control everything - even making the planet warmer, we forget how vulnerable to natural disasters we are - large volcanic eruptions in the past have nearly destroyed a whole years crops in Europe. Do you belive our current government hasn't just run down strategic food reserves to save cash and avoid charging the rate of tax to support their spending ?Source: National Statistics Online

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