Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Google: "Gordon Brown Liar"

Just checking what traffic was floating by and I notice one visitor on the Google search "Gordon Brown Liar".

I was therefore most gratified to find a link back to this blog on the first page ( only Tim Worstall and Newport blog did better on the blogging front ).

So my challenge for today to you all is to knock me of that perch with posts of your own - you know you want to !

Note: Google can display search results biased to an individual - I've tried to log out etc to get a neutral picture, but perhaps I've made a mistake. Anyway its a worthy cause as Brown has told some real porkies recently - like about Boris Johnson plans for police or Conservative spending plans at the 2005 election.


Anonymous said...

Didn't need Google to tell me that Brown talks a lot of rubbish, but congratulations nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

McGarbe Brown needs no one to point out that he is useless, he is quite capable of doing it for himself