Monday, March 10, 2008

Shameless liar (Gordon Brown) vs Civil Serf

Gordon Brown is try to claim that New Labour has reformed the public services.

It is classic Brown, a lie combined with misdirection, to assert something that isn't true in a manner as to try to place it as established fact in peoples mind. Preparing the public for the dire news that is coming in the small print of the budget ( but will be hidden away so the 6pm news bulletin and if they have done their usual anti-democratic deceiving best the morning front pages also.)

Expect a lot more of "it is right that" type of assertions this weak.

The true state of Britain parasitic civil service has been hinted at by Civil Serf - who has gone to ground as the vengeful government tries to track down who would dare tell the public what the civil service is really like !

Man in a Shed has read Civil Serf's blog and thought it top stuff and would have gone on about it more - only Dizzy had already done so. Lets hope the author gets a good book contact ( Man in a Shed will buy a copy )and can help the like of the Tax payer alliance to expose the dead weight of the unreformed civil service around the neck of our sinking economy.

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