Friday, April 04, 2008

Labour to use chocolate fireguard to keep our kids safe online

The shameless morons who are currently Labour ministers have a new scheme to grab headlines and win votes keep our kids safe online.

Apparently convicted sex offenders are going to give their email addresses so they can be sent to social networking sites to block these people getting access to our children.

Of course anyone with a heartbeat will realise that this is just for show. Anyone contemplating illegal activity on a social networking site or anywhere else, will have no problem with generating new email addresses for that purpose.

The plan is unworkable and so obviously so that you have to conclude that its only purpose is to deceive parents that the government is doing something.

This is just electioneering. Its about as useful as a chocolate fire-guard for any practical purpose except grabbing headlines and keeping useless socialist councillors in their jobs after the may election apocalypse they are facing.

Update: See The Register's take on this. They poke fun at "Wacky" Jacqui Smith's complete failure to grasp even the basics of the internet age.

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Curly said...

Tell me.......
just how long does it take to open a temporary email account?

Less than five minutes?