Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gordon's sorry ....

Sometimes when my kids do something really bad they get a fair bit of telling off from ol Dad. I do my best to sound stern and authoritative.

It normally works. In fact it worked so well with my daughter this morning when she was ignoring her mothers instructions to get ready for school that I ended up having to say sorry to her - after all she has that female secret weapon of tears.

But then sometimes I discover that they don't mean what I thought they did when they say sorry. What they mean is that they are sorry they got caught and/or are being admonished. Their deeper understanding on what brought all this about is just missing - and in Father mode if I catch on to this I try to straighten them out on the point.

Which brings me to my point. Gordon's sorry - apparently. But what is he sorry about ? Well the hiding at the ballot box that his advisers have got up the courage to warn him about tomorrow.

He doesn't understand what he's doing that's so wrong - but he doesn't like the look of the result as it impacts him so he's saying sorry.

I saw the Daily Politics ( 80%+ airtime to Labour supporters one day before the election - come on guys at least be subtle about your bias ) where they tried to imply David Cameron had taken the wrong tack in PMQs. Lord Strathclyde, in one of the few words he was allowed to get in, suggested that the attack on Brown for being calculating had been the most effective. And there it is - Gordon's underlying 'sin' is his calculating tactical approach to politics which when combined with the erroneous socialist view of the world has lead to a whole stream of disasters of his own making ( the bottled election, selling gold at the low part of the market, not reforming public services, caving on civil service retirement at 60 (in exchange for votes pre 2005, the 10p tax con, and soon 42 imprisonment without trial or even charging ).

Gordon is only sorry for himself - because he can see the punishment coming.


Anonymous said...

'Twas ever so. It is the difference between remorse (= being sorry because of the consequences that have (or are going to) come your way because of a sin you have committed), and repentance (= being truly for committing the sin in the first place).

See 2 Corinthians 7:10 (NIV): "Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death."

Anonymous said...

Indeed. It would nice if he backed up his apologies and sorrow with something meaningful, but I'm fairly confident that will never happen.