Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The choice in Woking's local elections on Thurs

Woking in Surrey elects councillors every year. Last year the Conservatives at last gained a majority on the borough council for the first time in 12 years, with a effective campaign on council tax rates.

This of course has piled the pressure on for their first years performance. The result ? A zero % tax rise for the borough component of the council tax. ( If only all politicians kept their promises so effectively ).

But the Lib Dems are campaigning to break back in. They have bemoaned almost every attempt to control costs made by the Conservatives. The local free papers wouldn't be the same without quotes from a Lib Dem councillor (dig deeper and find out who owns the local papers if you want to know why .....).

They have taken a more ruthless approach to candidate selection for Knaphill - bringing in an outsider who lives a quite some distance from the ward. Lib Dem groupies have been dragged in from far away to give the impression of local activity. There is a great deal of scepticism about some of the campaigning techniques the desperate Lib Dems are employing this year.

I would also remind people that the Lib Dems have been, and still are as far as I know, in favour of abolishing Surrey - so they can have a little fiefdom in Woking to play with. ( Of course thats totally impractical, but it doesn't stop the political hobbyist and careerists in the Lib Dems ).

The decision, for those who have it (my ward has no election), on Thurs is this:

    Vote Conservative: Get good services run knowing its your money that's being spent ( ie high quality good value ).
    Vote FibLib Dem: Get a muddle - spending more money and raising council tax, but not getting good value for money - much like Gordon Brown's Labour party really.

Think about it ....

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