Saturday, November 03, 2007

You need Balls to fib like this ....

Ed Balls is reported as saying the following to a Labour party conference today ( reported by Pravda the faithful BBC ). Labour party members must be brain dead if they can swallow such direct contradictions of the facts of the last month - and indeed last 10 years.

He's beyond parody - here's what the faithful were expected to swallow:

    "But for all the sound and fury of the past few weeks, it is still our party that has been setting the policy agenda - not taking the easy, short-term course, not just chasing headlines, but showing how a Labour government will meet the long-term challenges our country faces.

    "And I believe that as a party and a government we have shown the strength to deal with difficult times and keep setting the agenda and responding to the concerns of the British people."

Also notice the mention of British - when we know most of the policies of the Brown government only apply to the English whom voted for another party at the last general election.

Lies - deception and spin. New Labour, MacLabour, Gordon Brown and its all Balls.


Vindico said...

You have to admit it is quite sweet that Balld thinks that a) he can fool the audience with such tripe, and b) that he actually thinks Labour are setting the agenda. (They should be, they are in government. If that doesn't give them a policy 'pro-active' advantage I don;t know what does!)

Anonymous said...

Your party setting the policy agenda, Mr Balls? You mean timetabling when you will steal Conservative policies?