Monday, November 05, 2007

28 days latter - the hypocrisy and corruption of the New Labour government

Its back. A useful Lib Dem idiot is being used by Gordon Brown to whine on about encryption and the possibility that somebody - one day - might require more than 28 days detention to decrypt a hard drive.

This is the case for destroying our civil liberties that we are expected to swallow.

Now we have the head of MI5 being used, apparently willingly,to support Gordon Brown's cynical political tactics to try and outmanoeuvre the Conservatives. ( He may protest that he actually believe what he has said - but the timing and way it has been said puts him firmly in the partisan Labour camp - you have to assume that a member of the security services understands this ).

What's Gordon Brown so scared of ? The answer is simple - Madrid. The Madrid bombing has concentrated New Labour minds ( not 7-7 ) as it lead to the terrifying prospect of a members of a government losing their jobs. After all what are they actually skilled at if not looking after there own interests first and destroying all evidence and people who potential damage their pursuit of self interest ?

Remember they have produce no evidence of needing more than 28 days detention without charge, none at all. They have provided no examples in public or as far as we know in private to the other parties ( not that the provision of one or two examples would be enough anyway ).

Labour was quite happy to vote against anti-terrorism legislation when it was the IRA trying to kill Policemen, Servicemen and Tories. Its not a matter of principle for them - its an cynical opportunity. They get to reduce freedom, that they find so toxic to socialism, at the same time as chasing electoral advantage.

If it was encryption that's the issue then the answer is more computing power for cracking it - not running less computers for longer and destroying the basis of our ancient freedoms in the process.

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