Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The BBC: Not impartial - just biased

The BBC is busy repeating the New Labour meme de jour with today's Queeen's speech reporting. ( "Not Flash just Gordon" - in case it you haven't heard the BBC since lunch time ).

Who said we don't have state funding or the governing political party eh ? You license fee does far more damage than Michael Ashcroft can ever undo !

Note: I first heard this at lunch time when the toading BBC reporter reporting from parliament said a minister said to me "Its not flash just Gordon". She just dropped that bit of New Labour brain washing in there. Maybe she'll have a job with New Labour one day.

The slogan the BBC are busy repeating is the one that won Saatchi and Saatchi their New Labour account - see the BBC report here...

Now its on the front page of the BBC web site ( the point at which I thought - another rant at the BBC post was in order ).Remember these bastards are using your licence fees for New Labour propaganda.

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