Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Labour can't even run their own party - let alone the country

Yet another Labour party funding scandal is coming to light. The full details, as ever with the shameless Labour party, will take time to extract. But what is most obvious is the failure to govern even their own party and the pathetic excuses for breaking the law. The law of the land. The law they wrote !

"Come on guys its us" - seems to still be their approach to funding scandals as it was with the Bernie Ecclestone donation. ( Remember the Guardian Unlimited's article that ran:-

John Prescott forgets to pay his council tax
- and there are no debts collectors, just an understanding request for the money. Harriet Harman gets caught speeding - but gets let off. Every one's a winner at large Labour party donations - but there's no prosecution in the cash-for-honours investigation.

Anyone remember the Hinduga brothers ?

A major Labour party doner has been laundering his money through other people, to avoid his name being associated with it, he's someone to whom the decisions of government have a direct financial interest . He's seated in the front row for Tony Blair fair well tour. The Labour party general secretary knew about it and has had to resign straight away ( now that's not the Labour way - must be really bad if he had to go ).

I personally think morality in the Labour party died when they decided to either change what they said they believed in or lie about it. After all if you can get away with that - what else can you get away with. The New Labour project didn't have honesty and truth mixed in its foundations.

They believe the ends justifies the means. Since they are the only people who know what is good, see Alex Hilton's stone age assertion that Tories are Evil (what would that justify in terms of lies and deceit if you thought it was true).

The end justifies spin. The end justifies attacking individuals to cover up the underlying issue. The end justifies making outrageous claims about you opponents policies and repeating the lie on every TV and radio program you can find (2005 election). The end justifies putting Jack straw on TV to use his weasel words to sound like a denial, but really they say nothing. The end justified grabbing power by forcing the elected prime minister out of office and then ensuring no one is able to challenge you for the leadership. The ends justifies breaking promises on the referendum on the European constitution and then deliberately misleading the public by claiming its no such thing. The ends justifies using government money just before and election to back up your vote in a Labour marginal with money to keep Rover going for another week - till the election is over. The ends justifies class war against the countryside to keep your left wing MPs quiet with a bit of red meat. The ends justifies ending Britain's rebate from the EU to get good publicity for Tony Blair. The ends justifies giving money to the trade union modernisation fund from the tax payer so they can give it back to your party account. The ends justifies saying the troops can have anything they want or need in Afghanistan then not providing it. The ends justifies stealth taxes. The ends justifies telling untruths about the war with Iraq and then refusing to resign when your found out. The ends justifies what was done to Dr David Kelly (may he rest in peace). etc etc

And at the base of all this double think, untruth and deception is the New Labour project. The project which Brown was the chief architect of.

( Sorry got a bit carried away with the ends bit ... time for some work ...)

Update; The Daily Mail says : Isn't it hard to avoid the conclusion that Labour is corrupt to the core?

Luke Akehurst takes a different line in his Labour supporting blog here. He writes that:
  • Peter Watt "is a serious, highly professional person totally dedicated to the Labour Party".
  • His swift and dignified resignation is a measure of the principled person he is.
  • I haven't got a clue how he - or his officers - came to believe the Abrahams donations through third parties were acceptable (in either sense of the word). But I believe him if he says he thought they were.
Words just fail me here .... though it is in my opinion a great example of the type of double think that socialists are so good at.

Guido certainly isn't buying the Labour sob story - see here.


Prague said...

Just about sums it up, MIAS.

Luke Akehurst said...

How dare you call me a socialist. Tory, swimmer, cyclist - even LibDem on a bad day - but whatever you want to call me don't insult me with the S word.

Man in a Shed said...

Words just fail me here ...