Friday, March 10, 2006

'Rover loan 'was election bribe'

The National Audit Office says the GBP 6.5M pre-election loan to stop Rover jobs going- just before the general election and near to election was poorely spent ( for the Gov.t on behalf of the people ). Maybe the Labour party thought it was well spent !

The Conservatives are calling this a bribe - how could it be anything else ? ( Perhaps the Baby bond and one off (=pre-election) payment for council tax to those keen to vote pensioners should also be taken into consideration ).

Given what happened to Dame Shirely Porter - any chance of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown being sued for our money back ?

Alan Duncan's on the right track "It is quite clear that this GBP 6.5m was, I think, the misuse of taxpayers' money for political purposes," - this morning on the Today prog. Alan - you need to push this line of attack hard.

And don't even start me on Gordon Brown Teenager reward ( aka bribe) plan - coincidentally at the same time he's musing on lowering the age of voting to 16 ....

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