Thursday, March 09, 2006

Something sinister is going on with the NHS

Yesterday saw more attention being brought to bear`on the NHS deficits which are now leading to staff cuts. Mr Cameron made his point in PMQ, Tony Blair stonewalled with the usual New Labour mantra. But is something more going on ?

The Telegraph points out today that "The losses are expected to be worst in the south east of England, London and East Anglia and could affect all grades". Add to that the comments of Labour ministers about only a percentage of trusts going over budget - and the implication that these are management problems, not underfunding. I saw a Labour minister making dark mutterings about the funding of the East of London vs West of London on Newsnight last night.

Could this be another attempt to move resources away from the middle classes in the South East who vote conservative ? ( See the maneuvering on the council tax over the last 8 years for examples ).

Does anyone have an insight here ?

Could the NHS survive without support from the people who pay the Bills ( ie the population of the English South-East ) ?

PS See where the English tax payers money is being spent in Scotland .... here.


Man in a shed said...

Also see the Daily Telegraph Opinion today by Roy Lilley who is an ex-NHS Manager. He points the finger at too many hospitals that are ;likely to be in cities and the home counties (
Is he right ?

Aaron said...

A very good point, and one which I have to admit I hadn't really considered.
I wouldn't put it past them for a moment. However, Labour seem to be out to screw everyone (as long as they're not Scottish, of course), and so I wouldn't be surprised if this spread across the country.

Of course, by country, I only mean England.

Anonymous said...

England has less funding per head tham tje rest of the union, perhaps that has something to do with it.