Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Labour and Brezhnev

Lenin, Stalin and Brezhnev were travelling on the Moscow underground when the train shuddered, creaked and stopped.

Lenin said - the driver must be re-educated to become a new
man - then the train will move. So of he went to try - but the train stayed still.

Stalin said - the driver is a traitor to socialism and a counter revolutionary, he must be shot - and off Stalin went to shot the driver, but still the train didn't move.

Brezhnev said - I'll paint the windows of the train black - and tell people the train is moving !

Now before you laugh - remember New Labour is all about creating its own reality:

They don't spend on the NHS - they invest - mostly in salaries apparently,
Education, education, education ( yet we learn that primary and secondary schools are failing )
Standards at GCSE and A'Levels are always improving ( yet we now need an independent board as no one believes them any more ).
Devolution will quell nationalism ( but the Nats are now in government in at three devolved assemblies working towards the end of the UK ).
The Tories would cut the NHS - make up your own figure here - Gordon always does ( yet Gordon Brown cut £2Billion from the English NHS last year - but didn't make the corresponding Barnett formulae cuts to Wales and Scotland ).
The military can have whatever they want in Afghanistan ( except helicopters, ammunition, and yet there are no dedicated medivac helicopters, armoured vehicles are only just being purchased - troops have to pay council tax when out of the country - despite the small one of rebate - and are lucky to be able to vote - over 66% couldn't at the last general election ).
We have a vision for the future ( taken from watching the Conservative conference apparently)

New Labour has all been about perceptions - its great politics- its mostly lies - and its crap government.

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Grendel said...

Wish I could add more, but 'nuff said already!