Thursday, October 18, 2007

A breaker of promises - back in his red tie for the treachery

So the great moral compass is out of the country and the Red tie is back for the infamous betrayal of Britain's sovereignty and the breaking of his manifesto promise to hold a referendum on the new EU constitution. ( Maybe David Miliband has brain washed himself into believing the treaty is different - but he's the only person who does. )

Gordon Brown has gone to Lisbon to sell out Britain and will return to lie to the country and break his promise to hold a referendum.

Update: Gordon has caved, signed and is now spinning that this will be the last EU treaty for at least 10 years. ( Why is everything in terms of 10 years for the liar from Fife ? )


Anonymous said...

Wow, he's been wearing blue ties for the last month. Bless, he really is a bit confused / incompetent.

Anonymous said...

The next ten years? No, the last treat ever. It has provisions to modify itself and is therefore a carte blanche. No need for any of the messy performances (referendums and public displays) we've seen in the past, from here on. So, this talk about the next ten years is likely true.

Brown doesn't believe what he says, no one with any sense believes him. He's a shocking liar and completely untrustworthy. All this from a 'son of the manse' so quick to get on his moral high horse.