Saturday, October 20, 2007

Support is also understanding, the benfit of the doubt when we don't understand, and faith

I was just watching another attempt by human rights lawyers, perhaps funded by the UK tax payer, to try to blacken the names of our soldiers in Iraq on Channel 4 news.

Its time we gave fuller support to our servicemen. Maybe a few human rights lawyers should be prosecuted and serve time if its shown they pursued cases they knew to be malicious. ( Well that would stop any lawyers being available to prosecute you might say - but attacking servicemen by second guess decisions and events in the heat of battle has the same effect and the lawyers are paid far better for no risk of being killed.)

I was equally shocked by BBC Radio 4 treatment of the end of operation Banner ( the Army's support for the police in Northern Ireland ) when the BBC rolled out a known republican, pretending to just be a resident, to bad mouth some of the bravest and most decent men any country could be fortunately enough to be able to call upon.

I am however a fan of the type of support that America gives to the part of its family that it asks to serve. See below - does anyone know of an equivalent bit of popular music from England ?

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