Saturday, October 20, 2007

Red lines secure for "the time being" !!!!! - Jose Manuel Barroso

Apparently Jose Manuel Barroso has said this on Radio 4 this morning as reported by the press association.

He goes on to say the opt outs would remain in place "until Britain changes its mind".

As we know Britain will be made to change its mind.

The only chance we have to avoid this future is to veto the treaty.

Gordon Brown is just a liar who is selling out the future of our country for his own selfish ambition. I hope Labour MPs have some guts and love of country and will help us stop this.

The Lib Dems are too busy grovelling to Brown in the hope of a few crumbs from his table to be of any use ( they will of course campaign against aspects of the EU in the South West and other palces to get their jobs - but don't expect principles from the Janus party. )

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