Saturday, October 06, 2007

The dishonesty of New Labour laid bare

Here we go again. Gordon, who thinks your bank account is really his election fund, is apparently going to shift the burden of his next vast wasting of your cash on unreformed public services by getting the money via Council tax - as today's Telegraph reports. Up to £200 over the next few years. He lacks the honesty of raising income tax - he must have been sleeping though any of his father's sermons on honesty.

The DT quotes the leader of Surrey CC as saying:

    Nick Skellett, the leader of Surrey county council said: "It is an appalling and dishonest strategy to keep income tax at fixed levels and raise huge sums through council tax."

Of course Gordon will chuckle that it will be Conservative and Lib Dem councils that will get the blame for what he has done.

Council tax is now at levels that can't be sustained and is in effect becoming a form of wealth tax. If you have something - Gordon wants it. Just saying you paid for it, and where highly taxed on those earnings, is no justification to shameless sly socialists like Gordon Brown.

Its immoral,
its deceitful,
its vindictive,
its Gordon Brown and New Labour.

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Mark Heenan said...

Local Government finance is a complete shitfest. Every council's budget is heavily subsidised by the government (the Council I'm on raises only about 45% of its budget from council tax) and since most councils are now Conservative-run, our grants are continually squeezed by below inflation increases, while our staff wages (again largely controlled by Government) increase slightly above inflation. Then various other ways we raise money (e.g. planning fees) can be completely wiped out at the stroke of the Chancellor's pen. It leaves us in a position where we can either increase tax above inflation, destroying our reputation for "sound money", or cut services, reinforcing our perception as being penny-pinching Scrooges. Cunning, huh?