Saturday, October 06, 2007

Brown by name - brown by underpants

Gordon Brown has just bottled it.

He has no mandate from:

  1. The Labour party - he had no opposition having managed to frighten and fix his opponents.
  2. The country - Labour claimed Tony Blair would be PM for a "Full Term". ( Still they're used to lying to the country as over the EU constitution referendum. ( They can call it a treaty - and I call them liars.)
  3. England - where the Conservative won the last general election on votes. Gordon "Scottish" Brown continues to spend mostly of his time on policies that apply only to England.
He is a con artist who has been shown to have no leadership skills except to intimidate people, when David Cameron stood up to him he has folded.

What a wimp - can't wait for PM's questions when he has to show his face in Parliament again...

Update: UK pundit has an idea for an excuse by Broon.
Iain Dale thinks Brown can never be the same again.
Guido has tried to put something in Scots he heard Alex Salmond say down in a post - just what is he talking about ?
The BBC now mentions the feartie jibe - but still no translation - I'll try google hold on a minute.....
OK - here goes the Scots Vernacular Dictionary says it means coward. Ok sounds about right.

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Anonymous said...

Avoid being brown-mailed.

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