Monday, July 30, 2007

The unintended consequences of Gordon Brown

Forcing teenagers to stay in education until 18 will cause “mass truancy” and criminalise thousands of young people, a teachers’ leader has warned.

As today's Daily telegraph reports.

Such is blindingly obvious ! ( See my last post on this ).

Its the unintended consequences of mass state intervention that make socialism the disaster that it has been proven to be.

So lets make a list of other "unintended consequences Gordon Brown through the Labour party has brought about:

  • The GP system is now part time - but costs more.
  • Efficiency (aka value for money) in the NHS has plumetted. Now not even your GP can refer you to hospital - as your medical needs are diverted in the Stealth waiting lists run by the government inspired primary health trusts.
  • Our servicement are now dying in old worn out or inadequate equipment - thanks to Gordon Brown and the treasurey.
  • Tax credits maladministration mean that many poor families now often have major financial crisis's.
  • The failure to hand out farming subsidies by Labour meant a fine - which was taken out from the Environmental Agency - just before the floods !
  • Only the honest are punished by the police now days ( crime targets means they prefere to catch the easy crimes ).
  • Immigration is uncontrolled - housing stoke is reduced and prices too high.
  • Cynacism in British politics is at a all time high - thanks to the spin that Gordon Brown - the real spin master - has precided over.
  • Devolution has meant that the English now have no equivalent representation to those areas of the country were their money goes to subsidise.
  • The top three priorities of the Gordon Brown government don't apply to the constituency he represents.
  • Christianity has been effectively criminalised in many walks of British life - like commerce.
  • Criminals are released early - even those who are a recognised danger to the public - because of a basic failure to plan and provide for prison places.
Any more anyone ?

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