Monday, July 30, 2007

The BBC as the voice of Brown Labour

What great rejoicing there must be in the newsrooms of the BBC. Finally Blair, who they eventually fell out of love with after the Sexed up Dossier business, has gone.

Brown is in. How can he be helped ? (Martha was doing her best at lunch time - repeating the suggestive question about how things had changed since Tony Blair.)

Well what about trawling around for news stories to help back up Brown's kill Cameron campaign ? Only too happy to help.

The BBC have a little hatchet job titled "Attack on 'PR-obsessed' Cameron". Its a quote from a Conservative Activist, so they've stopped trawling for councillors who say something they can use to attack the conservative party then ?

The BBC would be fair and balanced - if they report the views against the leaders of the other parties with the same sensationalism - tuned in perfectly with the strategic line of attack of the other parties enemies.

There is no information about how these quotes were obtained - have they been working their way round the whole country in the hope of serving their new master ? Did he phone them ? Doesn't professional journalism require some explanation ? Or is this a Blue Peter / Children in Need type moment where the public don't need to understand the truth ?

I'd complain to the BBC's complaint site - only the last two complaints I put in ( under my actual name ) haven't received replies. I suspect they just ignore people who don't have their pink rose tinted view of the world.

Remember -the BBC are institutionally left wing and actively act to prevent democracy functioning in this country. They have lost the trust of the centre right in this country.

Here's the content of the report - see if you can figure out the relevant contexts from this:
[ Last Updated: Monday, 30 July 2007, 20:21 GMT 21:21 UK ]

    An activist who was part of David Cameron's 2005 leadership campaign has become the latest to criticise the Conservative party leader.

    Speaking to the BBC (When and under what circumstances ?), Ali Miraj said Mr Cameron used "gimmickry" and was "obsessed with PR".

    He questioned Mr Cameron's judgement in travelling to Rwanda during the UK floods and his selection of Tony Lit as Tory candidate in a recent by-election.

    Mr Miraj is hoping to be selected as a parliamentary candidate himself.

    Mr Miraj, who was among David Cameron's strongest supporters and is on the board of two of the party's policy review groups, said: "I'm disillusioned because I think substance has been replaced by PR.

    "What I'm asking for is some substance and some credibility and not box-ticking and gimmickry.

    "People have had enough of Tony Blair for 10 years. They don't want another Tony Blair.

    "The contrast is with Gordon Brown. David Cameron in my view has got substance, somewhere in there, but I'm afraid that in recent weeks, that has been taken over by PR.

    "What I want to see is that balance redressed so that we can have a decent chance of winning the next election and if present form continues, we certainly won't."

    Mr Miraj questioned (but when and in what context) the decision to pick Mr Lit as a Tory candidate when the businessman had only joined the party days earlier.

Or can we look forward to the disillusion opinions of Labour activists getting headline coverage on the BBC soon ?

Perhaps its just incompetence on behalf of the BBC that they haven't reported this properly. ( Its not that the story isn't news worthy - if taken from the correct context then its legitimate - but that information is missing. )

Looks like my instincts were right here - see below:

Update: Tony Sharpe has the full story over at the Waendal Journal. He has the context and explanation for Mr Miraj's comments. It just leaves you wondering if the BBC is useless or deliberately manipulative ?

Has this lead to the BBC rephrasing its story ? Oh no - they have added more hatred at the conservative party - to try and spread the story a bit. Their last post if at Last Updated: Monday, 30 July 2007, 23:33 GMT 00:33 UK and now includes a series of other anti-Tory reports at the end.

BBC = Brown's Broadcasting Corporation.

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Rachel Joyce said...

We need to do something - call in an outside auditor to track them, complain publicly about anti-democratic stance, give examples. They must be aware of what they are doing (there are enough complaints in the blogosphere), but seem to have complete contempt for the role they are meant to have - being unbiased.