Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When is a full term not a full term ?

Quentin Davis ( he of the sudden conversion to socialism ) has declared he was elected to serve a full term and won't be standing down for anything like a bye-election so that his conned constituents can decide if they want to have an MP who supports the interests of the Scottish Labour party.

So a full term means a full term in NuLabour speak, right ?

Only Tony Blair is being forced from office by a Brownite insurrection stepping down early - despite what he promised to the country, and letting the clunking fist in which he knows is unsuitable to run a Kirkcaldy Fish Supper shop - let alone the UK. He's also decided the people of Sedgefield are unworthy of his continued efforts to represent them now he has what he wants from them and is off to chase his legacy in the middle east.

So the real answer is NuLabour will do whatever is most convenient for themselves - personally. When they promise - they really deceive, and when they give oaths they lie. Its who they are.

PS Going to have to blog about the rest of today latter on - internet off - Blair may be running away, but I've got the annual school sports day and Father's race (aka annual mid life crisis race) to perform and I must get lots of work done this morning. If I'm alive by this evening then I'll be back for another chomp at the evils of socialism and its servants.


Rachel Joyce said...

How did you do in the father's race?

Man in a shed said...

Not last - about half way up - though I've learnt over the last few years not to start in the front row, you only end up elbowing or being elbowed.

As usual the race was very competitive - the keen fathers could be spotted in their - just happened to be wearing - running shoes.

Maybe next year ... I'll get two goes. Once for the Infants and once for the Juniors sports days.

Still my little girl managed 2nd this year ( up from 3rd last ). Now I'm wondering if I should coach her next year to beat the Father in the running shoe's daughter...