Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Brown plan ?

The Mole has a go at explaining what Gordon Brown is up to with his strategy. Its worth reading as The Mole has been well connected with Gordon Brown's circles.

The Mole suggest that a trap is being prepared for us - to encourage us in rebellion and to force David Cameron away from the new ground he has opened up for the Conservative party.

Its no doubt a cunning plan - but that all it is. Its weak point is Gordon Brown's weak point, the failure to understand how people react and think. Lets face it in reality he's not a people person - David Cameron is.

However, I don't think Brown can respond well to events. When they go bad he disappears. But they'll be no hiding now he's PM. We need to be aware of the trap he's laid out for us.

David Cameron has made mistakes - who hasn't. But in my view, or at least hope, he learns fast - faster than Brown. If he takes advice from the wise heads near him in the shadow cabinet -not just Steve Hilton- then he can survive in much rougher weather than Gordon Brown can, if we give him support.

Personally I've been quite unhappy with the Grammar school fiasco, but that's over and its time to go after the socialists. I'm not an uncritical supporter - but a supporter and party member neither the less.

Brown is already a failure - we need to help the public see it.

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