Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Be afraid for England

I have to admit I didn't think Gordon Brown would become PM in the end. He lacks the guts - however what I didn't count on is the subservient timidity of the Labour party allowing him to just grasp power unopposed.

Lets be clear about this - its a coup. Tony Blair has been forced from power and this man has crushed or frightened off all potential opposition.

He has started playing hard ball with the Lib Dems and with the deeply confused Quentin Davis. By his deeds shall you know the man. Remember his chilling grin during the failed putsch against Blair last year ?

He's a dangerous man - quotes from Labour cabinet former colleagues tell us that. He's a flawed man. And he's a dyed in the wool Scottish socialist.

We need to get him out of No10 as soon as possible for the sake of the country.

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