Friday, June 29, 2007

Russian roulette with the Peter principle

So the Cabinet reshuffle is closing in on completion, and there have been one of two big promotions.

Of course there is a problem with our style of government, which takes most of its executive from the ranks of MPs or party supporters and that is Talent - or the lack of it.

Who knows if former teacher Jacqui Smith is up to being Home Secretary ? She may have the talent, but she has also risen through the ranks fast, even desperately fast. You can see why she's a good political move for Gordon's efforts to get himself elected to the office he has now achieved by more Machiavellian measures. His problem is central England - where all the seats he needs to hold are. Jacqui is English and from a Midlands seat - hey presto - a good person to promote and a token Woman too ! But there's no evidence she'll be good for high office - its Russian roulette with the Peter principle. ( A similar case can be made for the boy Milliblogger. )

By the way her Web site says:

So she's going to have problems with Cabinet collective responsibility since she's against the health attacks on English Hospitals - organised by - the Scottish Labour government under Blair and now Brown and must have noticed all the education money heading north to Gordon Brown's constituency in Scotland where you get small primary school class sizes, free university education and extra nursery provisions - paid in part by taking money away from her constituents. Still perhaps her sense of future career loyalty will help her square that circle - as Hazel Blears has managed.

Lets hope she's good at her job she's been given - given the car bomb discovery, we all need her to be. But there is no guarantee or indication from equivalent or similar service, and the risk has been taken for politics rather than the country. Brown has put his own personal ambition ahead of the interests of the country - I doubt it will be the last time.

In passing: Thanks to the use of gambling terms like roulette this post gets a mention on Zios Journal .... there you go..

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