Saturday, September 30, 2006

What does this mean ?

The EU Referendum blog is getting attention from the MSM. This is potentially a problem for many blog writers. I have wondered about the derived work get out from copyright. We're if you add something or change something an article is considered to be a derived work and no longer copyright ? Does this have any basis in law ? If so how could Bloggers use such a loop hole ?

Don't have the answer myself. But this could be an important issue for many of us.

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Cabarfeidh goes silent

I'm trying to keep my list of blog links down on the Man in a Shed template - I have a vastly more varied one on my RSS reader and of course there's the rather excellent Witanagemot Club.

But I just noted that David who writes the Cabarfeidh blog has declared he's calling it a day and is going to kill of his blog. Go and have a look whilst you still can !

Sorry to see you go David - but I can understand the reasons and I suspect we will all write our 'Dear John' blog post one day. ( There must be some sort of blogging name for it - there is for everything else. )

Who's side is Pakistan's ISI on ?

Recent friction between Afghanistan, Pakistan and members of the MOD all point towards Pakistan's intelligence service ISI as having its own agenda.

Clearly they have been of great help and support in the fight against terrorism. And they deserve our thanks for that ( especially those unknowing people who are alive today thanks to their work.)

But equally they do appear to support the Taliban style groups that are causing so much trouble. They have taken pressure of these groups, just as British forces are under most pressure in Southern Afganistan. You might think they didn't want NATO to succeed ?

Is the support ISI gives the free world a case of kissing the hand you dare not bite ?

Does ISI have to cooperate sometimes, sacrificing some of its allies - to protect what it regards as its longer term objectives ? This is certainly the message that is being communicated.

I hope its not true - because if it is further war is inevitable.

( Note India has just linked Pakistani Intelligence to the Mumbai train bombs - see here ).

Update: They promise to ptovide Pakistan with the evidence - according to this BBC report.

David Cameron, getting the basics right

The opponents of the Conservative party (Bing Campbell of the Fib Dems and whoever is running the Labour party right now ) have locked onto policy as David Cameron's vulnerable point. ( Do you notice that the Lib Dems are only really happy when they are attacking the Conservative party ?)

Perhaps this is getting through to the public a little - hence polls blip.

But I hope David Cameron keeps the ship steady. He has correctly identified what is needed for policies to be even listened to. As is often pointed out we had popular enough policies at the last general election - its just the party wasn't popular.

Labour will copy and ape anything the Conservative party announces - hence their wish to drive Cameron onto revealing policies. Remember Gordon Brown's promise to reduce the Socialist Payroll vote (aka civil service), to copy a popular Conservative policy. Of course he hasn't really done it - so no benefit of that policy has been achieved.

David Cameron should give more of a flavour of what the party stands for - and challenge Labour that he'll issue a manifesto when they call a general election. ( I think reminding the public that Labour have been useless at implementing policies they have copied of the Conservative party would go down well here. Trust schools, internal market for the NHS, reducing the civil service etc )

The polls will be all over the place for at least a year. We need to be liked, trusted, and understood as a movement first. Policies can come latter, in answer to Labour's failures.

For David Cameron to have room for maneuver he needs support from his party - and that's what we need to give him. Even if he doesn't do quiet what we want on Europe.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bullies must be faced down !

Takes one to know one Mr Reid. (And this is the first, and maybe last, time I'm linking to the Socialist Worker ).

Update: See Shami Chakrabati comments which look like they are heading in 'Dr' Reid's direction.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To give Blair his due

This is a great line reported from his last conference leader's speech:

"At least I don't have to worry about her running off with the bloke next door."

See the reporter tell what she heard Cherie say !

Bloomberg Carolin Lotter reporting her story here - hat tip to wythenshawe-bloke for the link !

I particularly like the part about the reporter having to move out of the way or get run over by Cherie - sounds about right doesn't it ?

And respect to Bloomberg, and especially Carolin, for sticking to their/her story - despite the strong arm tactics of the NuLabour machine.

(Now I really have to get some work done today - so unless Blair goes for the Hungarian Gambit then I'm going to try and keep quiet, till the evening. )

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The future is Conservative

Just enjoyed an evening debating with fellow members of my local Conservative association. The best bit was welcoming a young man who was a new convert from the Labour party. He was surprised how open and varied the debate was - compared to his experience previously.

That made my day. Even better than the Cherie comments - because it shows the way things are moving. Doesn't matter who is Labour leader next as they won't be in a job for too long with any luck.

Even the bar maid in the pub we adjourned to, post debate, wanted to know what we were talking about - times have changed.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dishonest man donates large amount of money to Lib Dems - gets 2

So Michael Brown - who gave the Lib Dems £2million for the election - turns out to be a less than honest man ! (BBC reports he's just got 2 years for being guilty of "very deliberate and pointed" dishonesty. )

I wonder what attracted him to the Fib Lib Dems in the first place ?

Will Cherie apologise to Gordon ?

I would have thought there are grounds for an apology - or at least a denial given her recent remarks. If it doesn't happen then I'm don't believe they were of the cuff comments, but a plan to undermine Gordon Brown.

NuLabour civil war by tea time ? Lets hope ...

IMHO of course.

Update: From what I see in the media the comments are being denied - so much easier that having to say sorry eh ?

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Did Cherie Blair walk out on Gordon ?

Note - check out the video link to Bloomberg news at the end of the post !

Bloomberg - till about 2 mins ago were reporting that Cherie Blair walked out during Gordon Browns speech. ( Surely this can be confirmed or denied via video ).

It also reports her as saying "well that's a lie" - some confusion as to when - a gap the NuLabour spin masters will no doubt use to full effect.

I also heard this reported on R4 News - citing it was provisional (not confirmed) but Bloomberg was the source.

Could Bloomberg have made a mistake ? ( The emails of their reporters are on the article if you want to check ). Update - it does look like Bloomberg have got some of the details wrong - see below.

Live Update: As I write Bloomberg have just issued a correction - see below:

Looks like Guido was there earlier too - see his post here.
Guido has a further update here ! The NuLabour spin counter strike has tried to silence Bloomberg - with no success so far !

Could it all be part of a plot to spoil Gordon's big speech ? The Brownites will almost certainly think so. So Brown gets done over - after he's made his speech and nailed his colours to the Blair mast for a 2nd conference. Does he never learn ?


Just heard Jack Straw on R4 pm (c 17:40) saying No10 press office denying this ever happened. ( That's Jack Straw's version Andrew Brice of the Independent isn't so sure and just says No 10 press office is only denying certain aspects of the story ). Surely Jack isn't allowing us to come to false conclusions based on dodgy info ( like go to war against Iraq for example ).

They are a disgrace to our country and must be put out of office as soon as possible , IMHO

Further Update:

The Daily Telegraph reports Cherie's denial she said Gordon Brown was a liar here..

If that is right then the reporter from Bloomberg must be a liar or someone with a hearing difficulty. How likely is that ?

(Yet another Update - check out the video of the Bloomberg reporter telling this story here - hat tip to wythenshawe-bloke for the link ! )
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Grumpy Gordon travels to Manchester

Just listening to his grumpyness trying to explain why he should be PM on R4 Today program.

He thinks hundreds of people have been killed by Al Q (wrong it is thousands now - he should know that - we all do ).

He thinks politicians should be taken away day to day decisions - well maybe its just Labour have bad ministers. Everyone else managed to govern before him. But he has a lot of blame to unload for the last 9 years - decisions that are haunting them now.

He also thinks he's good at empowering communities and devolving power. Like Scotland and Wales (aka Labour pork fiefdoms). Obviously all those rumours about the treasury having a shadow government and micro managing domestic policy must be wrong. Right ?

No comment on Tony Blairs knifing of him on Mr Marr's show on Sunday.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

NHS must be about to get bad

A Brown is, apparently according to the BBC, thinking of setting up an independent board to take the blame for manage the NHS.

He's directly responsible for the mess we are now in - personally because even Blair saw things needed sorting, but Brown stopped him.

Labour are unfit to govern, especially when they still spend their time on spin, avoiding responsibility, the politics of the empty chair on current affairs, and planning to take our money to pay Hazel Blear's Labour party's overdraft.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Its raining Cats & Dogs here in Woking !

Last time this happened our good friends up river opened the sluices and parts of the old town flooded ....


No need for the Ark this time. Drains back flowed a bit - nasty smell near the canal. But OK in general, as far as I know. Some rather odd looking slugs trying to crawl up the outside of the Shed - but they have been 'dealt' with ( in a humane way of course ).

The battle of Garmser - why isn't this headline news on the BBC ?

Just found this article on the Daily Telegraph on the battle for Garmser. It tells of a long battle waged by British and Estonian, and Afghan forces.

Two things amaze me.

1) The bravery of the soldiers whom our politicians have sent to fight and die in Afghanistan.
2) That this isn't head line news - those soldiers deserve nothing less ! ( Instead we have war crimes from years ago in Iraq).

I was especially structures by the following quote:
On the first day however, they captured a Taliban fighter with a life-threatening stomach wound whose life was saved by the prompt attention of a British Army medic.

"The medic kept him alive all night, even though this Taliban tried to grab a gun and kill him while they were caring for him," said Mr Langan.

During the night, the Taliban fighter's heart stopped twice but the medic managed to revive him. In the morning, before he was airlifted out, the injured Taliban touched the forehead of the men who had saved him in respect. With intelligence reports indicating the Taliban force had been heavily reinforced by fighters coming in from across the Pakistan border, the Nato and Afghan force believed they might be overrun during the third night of fighting.

At the same time we have Ambulance chasing human rights lawyers running round trying to get themselves an officer to balance up the state funded attack on our army in Iraq.

Also in The Telegraph today are reports that casualties are being under reported and wounded soldiers sent back into the fight without having time to recover. This is desperate stuff. There is no significant reserve - a mistake I heard being described as a basic error by a military staff lecturer a few weeks ago.

Our government does not deserve to give orders to our armed forces. They have sent them on a ill defined political mission, without the required equipment or force levels. Our media - the BBC especially - does not give them enough support or encouragement. Its shocking.

The British people need to hold them to account.

Don't fall ill in Surrey under a Labour government.

My wife (she who must be obeyed) is just back from an evening continuing education in her health profession. The stories are of redundancies in the NHS and no money in Surrey. (She's in the private sector so doesn't get to hear this often - the change NHS employee mood is striking.) Everything is cut to the bone ( no pun intended). Also children are not now to be checked for growth in early stages of life - hence any corrective action will be too late. NHS Blog doctor reported a few months ago as to how GP's in Surrey were having their referrals countermanded to save money unless they used a magic form of words.

Add to that the local paper talking about either the Royal Surrey (who ex chief exec, Nick Moberley, advises the Blessed Patricia Hewitt) or St Peters A&E and much else closing soon. This will mean that if you live on the wrong side of Woking at certain times of day you can expect a very long ambulance drive - lets hope you live that long.

None of these areas votes Labour - and I hope those misguided citizens who support the local chapter of the Lib Dems realise that only the Conservative party can stand up to the asset stripping of Surrey by this spiteful Labour government.

And just remember people in Surrey contribute very large amounts of money to the tax system - they deserve at least a basic service from the NHS. If they don't get it then you can expect no support for the continuation of the NHS in the future from here. That will one day translate into the end of the NHS.

What have they (Gordon Brown esp) done with all the money they have lifted quietly from our pension funds ?
I guess we may all have a retirement of poverty and fear of falling ill to muse on that point.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

So what is Branson actually up to ?

I ask the question as something doesn't seem to quite add up. Maybe its Bill Clinton being there, but I have the feeling things are not as the simplistic headlines would leave us to believe.

Branson was musing about buying a refinery for his airline a few months ago.

Now this is a subject I know a little about as an Engineer working in the oil industry. I have to say I'm lost as to what commercial advantage Branson would have in building an integrated oil company. Maybe that's the same conclusion he's come to when going the alternative and bio-fuel route.

So is he dressing something up he was going to do anyway ?

Biofuels are a bit of fun ( The last series of the West Wing had biofuels about right if you remember- if you don't watch it to see American pork barrel politics being depicted with a little sympathy). (Update - see this BBC article on Biofuels before you just assume they are a good idea .)

My design project as an undergraduate was to design part of a plant for converting biomass to fuel that could be used to power aircraft, and I can tell you there are some natural limitations on the size of the plant, but also you'd need to plant almost the whole UK to provide the energy needs of the country - so what will we eat ? Where will the cows live ?

If hydrocarbon prices stay up then perhaps this will make sense. Perhaps Richard Branson has been thinking about a possible supply crunch in the next ten years. Hydrocarbon fuels are hard to substitute for one application - air travel. Maybe he's looking after his investment.

A company Virgin Fuels (so solar powers not on the cards eh ? A clue to whats going on perhaps) is being brought into existence. Maybe it will develop a lot of valuable intellectual property and Mr Branson will get a return even greater than the publicity he's generating and will continue to milk for the next ten years.

Still nothing wrong with that. Good luck Richard and I hope your as smart as I think you may just be. Make money and good ideas at the same time and you'll be doing us all a favour.

Atlantis home

The US Space Shuttle Atlantis has just landed safely in Florida. What was really good about this mission was dropping in to watch it Nasa TV ( which you can watch directly via a web link or as an addon to Google desktop ). They had some great shots of the Launch - especially the live camera from the fuel tank that let you watch the launch right into orbit. The live landing was great as was some of the eva activity.

I hope some of our kids in School get to watch this stuff, in between all the national curriculum and sats targets. Its inspirational. Thanks NASA.

The rumour is that someone insulted their prophet

So churches are burned in Nigeria. This shows what Islam is like in Nigeria.

Since Christianity and other religions don't support Islams view of Mohammed they are always going to be rioting, burning, destroying, killing and insulting the home secretary - unless they grow up and learn to accept other people have different views.

Now there is violence against Muslims in Christian areas to - and that is to the shame of Christianity. ( I'd like to hear the reverse said by Muslims about attacks on Christian places of worship - in Northern Nigeria or Bradford ).

As Jesus said - "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone".

That'll stop a lot of self righteous violence IMHO.


Melanie Philips recent post - although on a tangental - subject is worth reading in this context here.

Get better soon Hamster !

It was one of the moments when I double check what you've heard on the news. Not because I don't believe Richard Hammond could crash a car, but because its about someone I like and would really miss if he wasn't around any more.

Top Gear (BBC2 in the UK), in its new format, isn't just about cars but a strange sort of friendship with the viewers and audience. Its the next best thing to a drink down the pub with a really good friend.

On a number of occasions its really cheered me up with its brand of mayhem, humour, and politically incorrect irreverence.

Richard's also been great in Brainiac - the program that interests more kids in science than all the previous government programs and initiatives put together.

Get well Richard - and make it soon. I hope your family are soon able to relax a bit knowing your making a good recovery.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why I didn't vote in the do you support the leader ballot

9 out of ten party members - who expressed a preference - supported David Cameron's vote on some statement of party direction.

The options were:

a) Support the leader.
b) Destroy the leader.

Man in a Shed forgot to vote for the following reasons:

1) I forgot - even after that nice young man from Tory central office asked me if I had voted ( ie panic at central office due to low returns. ) Yes I found the material again - but its hardly inspiring stuff - sorry but its not.
2) Which way could you vote anyway ? Against the leadership - even if there was something to object to in the document ? That's just stupid and asking to stay in opposition.
3) I would have voted yes - if it passed the apathy test, really. It just didn't.
4) The Dog ate my ballot paper ( just wanted to say that. )

There is a message for Dave in all this somewhere - I hope he takes note. Dave better listen to us whilst its only our apathy talking.

Now William Hague's party ballot on nailing the Europhiles was something I could get into ( and enjoyed voting in ).

The Blessed Patricia Hewitt and NHS IT

Wat Tyler (Burning our money) has a good post on why Computer Weekly is the magazine to watch if you want to find out what the state of government IT projects really is. (I've also been happy to recommend this magazine in former posts for the same reason - really its readable by humans - just not ones who don't want to find out how the government is wasting their money. )

But I recalled listening to the Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt telling the us suckers voters about how wonderful the new IT system is and how it allows X-rays and the like to be passed around ( Today prog R4 this morning I think - I wasn't totally awake due to kids failure to sleep though the night ).

Compare it to this bit from CW quoted by Burning our money:

PS Today also brings- again via CW- the latest news of problems with the NHS Supercomputer: "HOSPITAL operations and consultations are being delayed across England because the new NHS computer system suffers almost one 'major incident'” failure every day. Patients have been left waiting on operating tables and others have had appointments cancelled. More than 110 major incidents have been reported by hospitals and GPs over the past four months, Computer Weekly magazine reports today. Reported problems include failures of the system used by surgeons to see X-ray pictures on a computer screen in wards and operating theatres. On some occasions the system has crashed during an operation, forcing the surgeon to suspend the procedure while a hard copy of the X-ray is found."

Believe me this sort of thing is going on now.

You don't even want to know whats happening to one of the major technical suppliers for the NHS IT fiasco ( iSoft ).

Left of centre govt lies to people in Hungary on Economy

Well duhhh .... That's standard practice for Left wing governments - it has to be. Frankly its voter beware on economic policy. Vote Left of centre and your effectively asking them to lie to you.

Not letting people know what your up to spending our pensions and raising stealth taxes, but claiming everything is OK sound familiar to anyone ? ( If you get close to being caught out you can always redefine the 'golden rule' anyway. )

They do foreign policy too:

WMD in Iraq ?
Afghanistan without a shot being fired ? ( Now redefined of course - but John Reid knew what he was doing when he used those words and how they would be received. )

When the electorate wants to stick its head in the sand it votes NuLabour - or Lib Dem.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ming the muddled

Just watching Newsnight - they played an interview with Ming the new leader. He seems to have forgotten who won the Bromley by-election ( not an election that the Lib Dems exactly covered themselves in glory in. I've just written to another Tory blogger suggesting we make much more of the tactics used by the Yellow ones on Bromley to expose them for who they really are. ) Still just to prove I have a Liberal Democrat Leader friendly blog - here's a prompt for Ming.

Bob Neil won for the Conservatives, despite the tactics deployed by the Lib Dems ( check Bob's victory speech for details ).

Further reporting on the Lib Dems policy ( sorry I didn't get the reporters name ) had the following quote describing Lib Dem rhetoric as follows "If it smells of butter and sugar - is it just fudge ?" - great stuff.

And don't even ask about the Arctic Monkeys selling more records than the Beatles ( according to Ming ). He has no chance of explaining their tax policies at election time. What will the Lib Dem bloggers make of it all ?

Just what is the BBC on ?

The BBC continues to do its bit to support the feeling of Muslim grievance.

What kind of a headline is this (below ) ? Surely it should be Iranian Cleric stirs up ancient hatred ( much more fitting with the text they offer ). I have yet to see reports on the intimidation of worshipers in Westminster on Sunday from the BBC. Or how many of the Muslim leaders have made the Pope's point in the violent and adolescent response to what many of us believe to be manufactured rage.

By the way what are the odds of the BBC putting a picture of a man burning an effegy of the Mohammed online ? My guess is zero - even if the story actually merited it.

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The BBC tries to understand political blogging

They have an online article here - well worth a read.

The battle of Iain Dales invite into the Lib Dem blog love-in also gets a mention. (Guido of course had his agents inside anyway - he doesn't seem to need permission !)

Interesting that NuLabour's problem is seen as being a control freak party. Can't think why ?

Extract below from the BBC article ( credit to Brian Wheeler BBC the reporter here )


The party would draw the line at personal abuse or obscenity but otherwise, he insists, anything goes - although, he adds, it sees blogs as a means of encouraging serious policy debate rather than a tool for spreading Westminster gossip.

"We want to create a space for dialogue and debate. We are absolutely confident that Labour values can win that debate."

But can a party-endorsed blog, of whatever persuasion, ever compete for openness and interest with an independent voice?

And by providing access and facilities to bloggers, are the parties merely attempting to co-opt and neutralise potential critics?

"They are trying to draw it close to their chests and keep control," says Tim Ireland, who runs the long-established Bloggerheads site.

"What the parties should be doing is trying to educate their MPs and activists about blogging."

The big question is: If the bloggers at this year's party conferences stray too far off-message will they be invited back?

(Hat tip to brother of Man in a Shed who put him onto this ).

Islam tries to intimidate Christians - in Westminster !

These photos are from Joee Blogs - taken during his trip to church on Sunday.

He has posted a lot more - and is understandably cautious about doing so. But these people need to be exposed to the world for what they are. ( I don't think they represent the majority of British Muslims - who would no doubt regard these sort of protests as bad mannered and ignorant - at least so I hope ).
Again will be have a full apology from the MCB for this ? Or the Muslim Brotherhood ?

These people should not be just ignored or wished away, or understood in context as many urged us to do when the Nazi's came to power.

By the way for those lost soles who were protesting. Jesus is the Son of God, and also God, as is the Holy Spirit. Misrepresenting the Trinity is one of the great offences that many in Islam perpetuate - most probably though ignorance, but many deliberately.

(Hat tip also to Conservative Home - where I saw the link for this ).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin must apologise for inciting murder

Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin, a cleric in Somalia, is quoted by the BBC as follows:

"Hardline cleric Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin on Friday told worshippers at his mosque to hunt down and kill whoever offended the Prophet Mohammed."

I expect all the Muslims who have made such a meal out of the Pope's lecture against force and violence in religion to demand an apology and retraction from Mr Malin, as I am doing. ( Well OK I'm really expecting no such thing, as it doesn't fit their agenda - but we can all do manufactured outrage can't we. )

Or perhaps it would be ok for the Pope to quote Abubakar Hassan Malin in future ?

By the way the Nun murdered in Mogadishu is a real martyr who died because of her faith whilst helping others and living in peace.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Will Blair leave office in the back of a police car ?

Reading the Economist this week I notice this line in an article on the impending feud and end of the Blair premiership:
"For most of the past year the police have been investigating the possibility that peerages have been offered in exchange for loans. The awful, though remote, possibility hangs over the prime minister of leaving Downing Street in the back of a police car."

(Full article here - I don't think its restricted )

Given Guido's advanced warning on this subject I'm not quite as intrigued as I might be - but think about it ... Really it could happen and even the voice of the Continuing SDP ( aka The Economist ) thinks it could happen.

How long to Christmas ? No wonder he keeps going on these long foreign trips ... does Gaza have an extradition treaty ?

Now I really must get some work done - internets gettign turned off ...

Iain Dale's rankings are in - read em and weep

EGO WARNING - the following post include more self indulgence than normal.

Man in a Shed's ego has benefited from the encouragement of being placed on Iain Dales list of 100 Conservative and Right of centre Blogs. Iain's announcing it here.

Iain's doing a far sighted job - in talking to all the political parties, rather than just talking Tory. Not only does blogging challenge the MSM, but also conventional politics.

There will be good things like the inability of the parties to control what their members can say.

And there will be bad things - like the inability of the parties to control what their members can say.

It is almost inevitable that some of us will regret what we have blogged in haste - given the database, rebuttal and dirt digging nature of our politics these days. But I hope the life and conversations between people don't go quiet and we don't have to sit back bite our tongues and take what we're given by the MSM, state and parties. The profile of blogging is shooting up with the parties and they, as I have warned before, will seek to manipulate and control our blogs. I hope in a major part they fail.

On a personal level have tried not to hide what I think, doubts and all, though there is always pressure to self censure where a party you favour is concerned.

Personally I started blogging to talk about my business and maybe software - but politics has just sucked me in. Raving against the local Lib Dems and NuLabour perhaps helps get things out in the open and off my chest, but it doesn't help any work get done.

I'm also getting to really enjoy reading the postings of other bloggers - who have similar and yet in key ways different and challenging views. They really do make me think and reflect - sometimes.

'English ignorance' of Scots damages union - nope its the other way round IMHO

No Dave I think you'll find its Scots ignorance of England and the United Kingdom that does that.

See the quote (below - credit to the Scotsman - that by the way is an excellent paper) from Mr Grumpy himself ( which is typical of the large body of Scots peers, MPs and other who line up to suggest the English should be unrepresented - get less money and just take it - Falconer , Blair, Rifkind, Various Cyldeside MPs, Fox, Ming Campbell all spring to mind here).

Speaking in Edinburgh, the Chancellor urged Labour activists to take on the SNP, and called the Tories anti-British for demanding "English votes for English laws".
(You keep repeating this Gordon - I'll help you. You're Celtic Labour party's parasitic attitude to England will hopefully be punished at the next general election.)

I have lived in Scotland - married a Scottish woman - and have good Scottish friends. So I can tell you that very little understanding of the English and England really exists North of the Boarder. They don't head south to University ( indeed schools I've known have refused to even show their pupils prospectuses to English Univerisities ). English people have be hounded out of their jobs. In the past English teachers didn't even have their qualifications recognised. I know of long standing teacher who had to go on probation to work in Scotland and another New Zealand teacher who was asking if she needed to do the same - but being told the regulations were just to 'keep the English out' and she'd be fine.

If you still don't believe me try reading the Glasgow Herald for a week - especially the TV guide and letters page for the full Anglophobic view from North of the Boarder. I am continually shocked by what I read there on my trips to Scotland.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pakistan frees Taliban fighters

Does anyone think that the ISI doesn't want NATO to be successful in Afghanistan ?

With friends like these ....... ( see article in DT on release of 2500 Taliban/Al Q fighters ).

However I think we should still reconsider how long we stay there - countries need to find their own equilibrium and they won't do that with major foreign military presences. If success can't be secured or at least clearly on its way inside 1-2 years then we should go. IMHO.

Oriana Fallaci, R.I.P., and the Religion of Perpetual Outrage

See Michelle Malkins obitory for Oriana Fallaci here - its worth a read.

Also EU Referendum writes about here also.

I had heard of her in passing, but now I'm going to pay more attention to what she has written.

Update: Amazon has just dispatched

Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal
--------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by Int'l Sales, Inc.):

1 The Rage and Pride �6.56 1 �6.56

1 The Force of Reason �7.92 1 �7.92

The Pope had a good point - say no to Islamic bullying

Andrew Brown has a good point here in the First Post ( whom get better and better as time goes on ) .

He puts the Pope's comments into their context and makes comment on the Islamic Bullying ( we have Islamic killing now - so why not Islamic Bullying ).

"Calling this "an insult to Islam" or to the Prophet is simply an exercise in bullying and stupidity. The most surreal sight of all is that of Turkish Muslim officials demanding that Pope Benedict apologise for suggesting that Islam is spread by the sword. For why are Turkey's highest religious officials Muslims? Because, roughly 50 years after the Emperor, besieged in Constantinople, set down his account of these theological discussions, Constantinople fell and became Istanbul."

Al Beeb - just been listening - is doing its toadying best to be pro-Muslim. The obvious question that Andrew Brown answers, is was the Pope being insulting ? ( In full context ).

The BBC should be asking why there is so much raving being wipped up in the Muslim world. But of course it won't. ( I suspect the Muslim Brotherhood are behind this, maybe a real journalist will find out. Remeber how long it took them to discover how hard Danish Muslims had been trying to stir up outrage over a few cartoons. )

Updates: 1
Islam linked to violence ? Is the Pope a Catholic ? How could anyone think such a thing.

As if to make the Pope's point on forced conversion here's a recent press release from the Barnabus Fund that just arrived in my inbox:


Somali Christian sources report that Ali Mustaf Makail, who converted from Islam to Christianity eleven months ago, was shot and killed in the Manabolyo quarter of Mogadishu on 7 September 2006. Ali (22) was a cloth merchant and college student.

According to the source, the gunman was loyal to the Union of Islamic Courts (ICU), the Islamist organisation that took power in Mogadishu in early June 2006 and now controls much of southern Somalia. The gunman shot Ali in the back after he refused to join a crowd chanting Quran verses in honour of the lunar eclipse. (Solar and lunar eclipses are significant in Islam and are accompanied by special congregational prayers.) The ICU confiscated his body for 24 hours before delivering it to the grieving family.

It seems that under the new Islamist rulers, who include hard-line jihadi elements, the tragic history of persecution and martyrdom for Somalias tiny Christian community is set to continue and most likely to worsen.

In July 2006 there were unconfirmed reports that three Christians had been shot and killed by Islamists as they returned home from a prayer meeting. In October 2005 an evangelist and house church leader, Osman Sheik Ahmed, was shot dead by Islamist radicals. Children of Christian Somali refugees in Kenya have been kidnapped by Muslim relatives and taken to Islamic institutions in Somalia for rehabilitation.

The leader of the ICU, Hassan Dahir Aweys, promised to implement sharia in all areas he controls. According to sharia, apostates (those who leave Islam for another religion), must be killed. ICU leaders have even threatened to kill as apostates Muslims who are lax in their prayers, claiming this is commanded by sharia. Several Muslims have been publicly flogged for drug related offences since the ICU took control.

Over 99.5% of Somalis are Muslims and regard Christianity as a foreign religion of their historic enemies in Ethiopia and of their former colonial masters the Italians and the British. There is a long history of conflict between Muslim Somalis and Christian Ethiopians, so anti-Christian sentiment runs deep. Most Somalis take it for granted that a true Somali is a Muslim and converts to Christianity must be traitors. These prejudices, widely held by Muslim Somalis, seem to used to justify violence against Christians, both indigenous and expatriate. The US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the recent Israeli campaign against Hizbullah in Lebanon have fuelled and inflamed the inherent hostility to the West and to Christians.

To see communiqus from earlier weeks click this link

Further update:

A thoughtful article by Damian Thompson has been written in the Daily Telegrpah here - certainly worth a read if your trying to understand what the Pope may be thinking.

Harriet Harman has no Y chromosome so vote for her turn as labour Token

Yes the intellectual power house of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman ( putting on a mock working class accent - its real campaigning now - so time to decieve the Labour voters ) in on the radio at the moment [R4 PM 17:10] explaining why there must be a token woman elected at Labour party leader ( and she says, letting her accent slip back to posh, "Deputy Prime minster").

She also weaselled her way around ignoring her own call for everyone to stop destabilising Tony Blair last week.

A female John Prescott ? Why not comrades - its already clear that you could care less about talent in key posts. The government is now run for the egos and perks that the career political hacks can extract from the country. Vote for the Token Woman - who cares about talent in the Labour party ? ( Is there any ? apart from the boy Milliblog who clearly thinks he's very clever )

PS Blogspot still not back as I send this so this may be dated if it gets published !

Interupted service

For some reason this site has been down - at least for the last few hours. If your reading this then I'm back ! If your not then the NuLabour spin machine or someone else who has been offended got me. ( Makes you wonder how you can back your site up on Blogger ? Anyone know ? I guess you need to point it at a domain you own and store the posts there. )

Labour try to corrupt hospital closure program for personal gain.

The First Post reports that :

"Labour Party officials have held a secret meeting to discuss how to shut hospitals without jeopardising key marginal seats, according to leaked emails. Officials, including Labour Chairman Hazel Blears, are concerned about the political impact of NHS cuts and Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt called for those at the meeting to be given "heat maps" to show where closures and cuts could cost votes."

Surely this is direct evidence of political corruption at the heart of government. ( No wonder Labour want conditions taken of loans to corrupt third world regimes - they must feel their ears burning each time those conditions are made. )

Didn't Michael Howard get a judicial review about once a week when he was home secretary ? Any future hospital closure must now automatically get a such a review and this heat map must be made publicly available so we can spot bias when it appears. Surely, it can now be shown that the Labour government is using public money and risking the public health to gain votes - rather than to do its duty.

They have always had problems seeing the difference between party greed and public loyalty. This report confirms it.

I hope that there are some lawyers who can make them pay for this.

The risk has to be that health resources and hospitals will be taken away from regions that are politically unappealing to the Labour jobsworths.

This in my view amounts to corruption of government for personal gain. Its a worse scandal that Prescott if it turns out to be true.

Lets find that heat map ! ( First post go on to credit BBC radio4's Today programme )

No debate allowed in Islam - ever ! ( Or so its seems)

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.", Emperor Manual II Paleologos of the Byzantine Empire

The reaction to the Pope's recent quotation of Emperor Manual II Paleologos of the Byzantine Empire shows the general failure to engage in rational debate in a very large and frightening part of the Muslim world. ( There are exceptions I've seen which I'll come to shortly. )

To me the majority Muslim approach to any comment about Mohammed appears to many be to call blasphemy - which effectively shuts down open discussion and holds their adherents in a form of intellectual prison [ what are they so scared of ? ]. (Now before any of my fellow Christians get too smug - that used to be the view in Europe on similar matters and was backed with the same amount of force as is now being marshalled around the Muslim world. And remember the charge of blasphemy helped to get Jesus executed. )

A useful answer would have been to list the contributions of Mohammed that would have countered the argument of Emperor Manual II. Unless of course there aren't any - but I doubt that's true.

Aiman Mazyek of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany made a far better response ( quoted from Catholic News Service - whom to their credit reported this without caveats or putting a counter point afterwards ):

Mazyek told the German newspaper: "Against the background of the bloody forced Christianization in South America, the Crusades in the Muslim world, the co-option of the church by the Hitler regime, even the invention of the expression 'holy war,' which originally comes from the mouth of (Pope) Urban II, it would fill me with some concern if the church would come and take a superior attitude to the extremist activities of other religious communities."

He said he was sure the pope had not meant that. (Contributing to this story was Michael Lawton in Munich, Germany.)

Now I don't agree with Mazyek on all his points - but he makes them and he also makes you think. Its a rational response with a good set of points. If only his wisdom was more wide spread. I have real concerns about the life of Mohammed - but intend to research them much more fully before going to print.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The BBC thinks you're clamoring to give it more money !

The guardian of left wing values, the BBC, thinks everyone would like to give it £31 a year more . Well perhaps they'd like to put it to the test and ask people to donate ?

I suspect they will instead use the full power of the courts to remove that money from its rightful owners.

The ultimate proof of the BBC's left wing bias is that the left don't complain about the licence fee - which is now at poll tax levels and certainly has been the largest cause of imprisoning women in the UK ( perhaps it still is - I just like to get my facts straight if I can.)

Screen shot from BBC web site.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What kind of a party has to elect a deputy leader separately anyway ?

The answer is - a party that won't trust its leadership ( whom ever it is ). A party that is structurally unfit for government.

In almost any role a deputy should get along with and support the principal post holder. Electing that position ensures that is hardly likely to be the case.

Blair was lucky to have John Prescott - but not for the reasons Mr Prescott probably thinks.

The next leader of the comrades will not be so lucky. ( Unless Harriet Harman gets in - after all she was removed from her ministerial position in the early days of the NuLabour government. )

If the TUC hates Blair it makes you wonder....

... If we might actually miss him when he's gone. Naa- think I'll be OK. Maybe the truth is they should miss him as he's allowed the hand of socialism to close further by stealth, though only slightly, round the wind pipe of a free and prosperous country.

We will perhaps feel the pain more directly with the comrades next leader, and I hope respond to that threat at the ballot box by putting them out of government.

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - not being defined by a moment

Below I've put an old house photo from my boarding school days. The two people marked in the photos have both died as a result of Osama the Butcher's war of hate.

Caz Carrington on Sept 11th, he worked at the top of one of the towers . He also appeared in a TV series on the Hampton's which from the scenes I saw showed he'd lost none of the sense of Fun he had as a boy.

Simon Cullingworth (Staff sergeant ) was murdered after his capture in war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He had achieved a good military record and had to have been a very brave man given his job in bomb disposal.

They both left wives and Simon left two sons. ( There is an interview with Pattie Carrington here ). She has written a book - see link.

At School they were both full of life and fun. I was in the army cadets with Simon and Caz was just everywhere doing everything - his enthusiasm and sense of fun just livened up life for everyone else.

From my viewpoint it seems wrong to define ourselves by how our lives ended, but rather how they were lived. From the reports I've seen both of the boys I went to school with had become men whom their friends were glad to have known and families were proud of.
Above - real life, lets live it and not put off things we meant to say and do !

As a Christian I hope that on that list of things to do will be thoughts about life in general and its meaning in particular.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big Ears knifes Mr Grumpy

Charles Clarke has pushed along the NuLabour character assassination campaign to stop Gordon Brown becoming PM. But hold on a minute - it seems that what he's telling us is that Gordon is a deeply flawed person ( as Mr A Campbell has said in the past ).

But they thought they didn't need to tell us - until it suited their purpose to do so. Sounds like there's a large number of senior Labour characters who don't understand what duty to country actually is, if what they are saying about Gordon Brown is true and they have known it for years.
Also if Gordon Brown is so flawed and was likely to succeed Blair - should Blair have sacked him years ago - to prevent his rising to the top. So Blair fluffed the country first test too. They have real problems seeing that the country's interests and their's differ on occasion.

Shades of Charlie Kennedy here... We thought you (the dumb voters who may be ruled by **** didn't need to know ) etc is flavour of the day. Party and career first, country and duty last.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Boris goes on the menu in Papua New Guinea

Our Man , Boris, appears to on the menu again for the ritual of manufactured offense and BBC enforced apology making again. Radio 4's PMwere having great great fun putting on the high commissioner for Papua New Guinea - who did her best to pretend that she was offended at Boris' comparisons of her historic country men with the cannibalism breaking out in the Labour party. (Nobodies been eaten in PNG for over 200 yrs according to her - which is more than you can say for the Labour party right now.)

Our man Boris was having none of it citing he'd read about this sort of thing going on somewhere ( National Geographic or such perhaps) - he was sorry the commissioner was offended but felt his comments were factually correct ( the BBC of course has a different take having listened to the same words - they prefer Boris was forced to apologise - I wonder why ?). The Commissioner was never fed the question by the reporter on taking offence at her countrymen being compared to the discredited self interested and failing Labour party, but perhaps that goes against PM left wing policy.

Good luck Boris - your a man of substance ! Which is why they may grant you that visa to go and 'find out for yourself' with the now compulsory penitence visit. ( You may wish to ensure you get a return ticket ).

This is of course all just absurd - manufactured rage by the BBC to deal with the crisis of their beloved Labour party tearing itself apart like a bunch of New Guinea cannibals and chief killers - damn now I'll have to join Boris on the plane.....

Just in case you missed Boris said - in the Daily Telegraph which means it must be true:

"For 10 years we in the Tory Party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing, and so it is with a happy amazement that we watch as the madness engulfs the Labour Party."

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

NuLabour groupies think BBC supports them

Just been over to Labour Home to see how the faithful are taking the madness of the dear leader.

Found this site called , I have to say it gives me the creeps. But if you look at the links option there is a bit of a slip where it shows you where the spin people who put the site together think there support comes from. The BBC ! ( And Sky ). OK its not conclusive, but I think it betrays how they see the world.
Of course they might be wrong on assuming the support of the Labour Party ;-)

By the way who is David Taylor who owns this domain - I've put a link to a candidate?

WhoIs resuilts as follows:

$ WhoIs

Domain name:

David Taylor

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Registrant's agent:
Mesh Digital Limited t/a [Tag = MESH]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 06-Sep-2006
Renewal date: 06-Sep-2008

Between the lines with Gordon

The BBC report Gordon Brown as saying:

"I will support him in the decision he makes," Mr Brown told reporters on a visit to an athletic track in Scotland.

But he added: "This cannot and should not be about private arrangements but what is in best interests of our party and most of all the best interests of our country and I will support him in doing exactly that."

One view of this would be - unless Blair does what I think is in the country's interests ( ie making Gordon Brown PM asap ) then all bets are off. Also note how the BBC is getting its spinning mixed up - what Gordon hasn't really said circled in red - and the pro Gordon photos below. Old habits die hard I suppose

Guido has is summed up right

What other comment is necessary ?
Hat tip - Guido

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blair Brown Leadership ZZZzzzz..z...

I have to say I thought I'd enjoy the last days of Blair's premiership more than I am. The truth of the matter is that it is all so boring. It could drag on and on. Its certainly dragging. Not sure I can face watching Newsnight tonight.

Neither of them has the leardship skills or integrity to be prime minister. They are both kept in power by a party that appears organised for the government goodies its members, supports and fellow travelers can get their grubby hands on.

Orderly transition of power - that's just poor spin designed to anesthetise Labour's less savvey voters ( they must have plenty of those ).

No wake me up from my slumber for the next General Election when we get the chance to throw this discredited and failed NuLabour party out of government. That's what I'm looking forward to.

(Less we forget - Brown was in the government and a senior member of the government for all the time Mr Blair was ).

By not watching Newsnight I saw Northern Irelands fantastic 3 - 2 victory over Spain. Well done lads - I cheared almost as loudly as I would for a fantastic England goal on the third going in.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On multiculturalism and Islamic faith schools

Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund, has said the following ( full article via this link ) in an article published in the Evening Standard newspaper, London, 4 September 2006.

I believe Islam needs different treatment from other faiths because Islam is different from other faiths. It is the only one which teaches its followers to gain political power and then impose a law which governs every aspect of life, discriminating against women and non-believers alike. And this is ultimately why a naive multiculturalism leads not to a mosaic of cultures living in harmony, but to one threatened by Islamic extremism.

Is he right ?

If he is I'm not sure what can be done about it. It certainly looks like something that Labour are going to ignor, and I suspect doesn't fit the Conservatives agenda either. But in the long term, if and its a big if, Dr Sookhdeo is right then we will not be able to ignor it.


Worth checking out Drinking from homes viewing notes here on Islamic objectives by Terrorists.

Army 'just' coping in Afghanistan

The BBC reports Sir Richard Dannatt as saying:

The new head of the British Army, Sir Richard Dannatt, has warned that his soldiers can only "just" cope with the demands placed on them by ministers.

Speaking before 14 personnel were killed in Afghanistan, he told the Guardian troops "are fighting at the limit of their capacity".

Foreign Office Minister Kim Howells said he did not think that the British Army was overstretched.

Meanwhile, one UK soldier was killed by a suspected suicide bomber in Kabul.

Gen Dannatt, who took over from Sir Mike Jackson last week, said: "We are running hot, certainly running hot.

"Can we cope? I pause. I say 'just'."

Since Sir Richard has to get along with his new political master and has typical British understatement a little bit of translation is needed here - my understanding of what he says is this:
Things are very serious. The army is over stretched, under and poorly equipped and unable to maintain this level of effort with out serious consequences soon.

Other bloggers like EU Referendum have been going on about this for some time. Reporters return from being with our troops Afghanistan glad to be alive and fuming about government pronouncements. Now what Dr Reid said about how peaceful this task would be is being respun.

The only people who can make this government wake up are Labour MP's. As they are the only ones the government can't ignore. They must act and the Conservative opposition must hold them too it.

See also Robert Fox in The First Post today who starts by saying - Too few forces, too little support and too little time. This is war on the cheap.

Steve Irwin is a sad loss - but at least he contributed to mankind

Been watching the various stories about the tragic death of Steve Irwin, Australia's Crocodile Hunter. Here in the UK there is a hint, especially on the BBC, that he interacted with the animals too much and wasn't a proper wild life presenter.

I see parallels with the prevailing risk averse view of life. Nature knows best - don't interfere - don't let man do anything - just restore the natural state. This represents a loss of collective confidence. Steve Irwin to me represented the reverse. Respect for nature - but with his human curiosity and courage to do things in tact.

He was no doubt a great man who gave a proactive view of his field of work. Something we could all do with more of.

He will be rightly missed.

But not by Germaine Greer it seems - her comments are put in the rightful context ( ie torn up ) here.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Book your seats/ dig your shelter for Gulf War 4

Just how does anyone think Israel is going to put up with a Nuclear armed Iran under its current head banging leadership ?

The failure of a conclusive end to the Hezbollah Lebanon war means that less than entirely sane Iranian Leader has now really got his tail up ( Check this from the Washington Post).

The Israelis are now rumoured to be planning for the rematch - or so The Times reports.

All those who clamoured for a ceasefire may soon have to (re)learn at what cost appeasement is bought.

My guess at the US/Israeli time table is as follows:

1) Diplomacy up the US mid term elections.
2) Rapid heating up of the pressure on Iran just afterwards. Large tankers of aviation fuel start to head to US bases.
3) War - in time to be over for the next US presidential election.

Maybe this is why the French were so reluctant to put their troops in harms way in Lebanon. (They are not cowards - just see the stuff they get involved in with Africa - or for that matter stupid.)

Of course the problem with all this is that Iran is a modern country with some competent military people and strategic thinkers. They can work this out and will try to disrupt the timetable. The question is how ? I doubt we are going to like it very much.

On the bright side making money on oil derivatives is going to be easy. You just may not be around to spend it.

PS Guess where Armageddon is ?

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just catching up - well done Boris !

Just catching up on events post holiday came across this rousing article by The Boris .

Here's an extract - but read the full thing. Perhaps you have already, I'm only playing catch up here. But in short - well done Boris. We need to keep this up. Its time for justice for England and I for one would rather have it from a free Conservative government than a celtic NuLabour attempt to calculate the bare minimum to keep them all joined with their ministerial salaries and perks after the next election..

....Gentlemen of England now abed, here is the position. The Scots have free nursing care for the elderly — subsidised, under the Barnett formula, by us, the English — while we cannot afford it in England. The Scots have the luxury of refusing to charge their students top-up fees — since they are subsidised by us, the English — while English students have to cough up. Now we learn that the Scots have free cancer drugs — subsidised by us, the English — while we in England are told they are not cost-effective.

And all this injustice is provoked by a fundamental constitutional imbalance. It was because of devolution that the Scottish equivalent of Nice was able to decide that it no longer needed to obey the rulings of this so-called "National" body. It is because of devolution that Scots are able to make their own health arrangements, in the comfortable knowledge that Whitehall will bung them an extra couple of hundred quid for every Scot. It is because of devolution that the numerous Scottish MPs, with their small constituencies, are able to vote on questions that affect England, while English MPs have no corresponding say over healthcare in Scotland.

It is just not good enough for Alistair Darling or John Reid or Charlie Falconer or Gordon Brown or any one of these smooth-talking Scots to say, as they do, that the only answer to the West Lothian question is to "stop asking it".

A sense of proportion

Hat tip to Englandism.... and Tommy English were I first saw this

The loss of Nimrod air personnel in Afghanistan and cost to the families.

Having been on the beach in Nairn and watching an RAF Nimrod training over the airfield on Wednesday this all has some resonance.

When I was a boy my father was stationed at RAF Lossiemouth - just as it was changing over from a Naval Airstation and I attended the local school on the hill over looking the air station. One day we were in the play ground and noticed thick black smoke coming from the edge of the airfield. Some of my friends said a navy Gannet had crashed just short of the runway. At the end of the break the twins from the end of our road whose father (in the Fleet Air Arm) we knew flew in Gannets where first in line to go back in. That evening our mother came by to tell us he had been one of the casualties.

The impact was that they lost not only their father, but a way of life and his widow close contact with the friends in the services. They left the house to travel back south soon afterwards.

You can only guess that the same thing is happening again here. What makes these services deaths extra hard on the family is that they loose not just their husband/father, but also their house, social network and perhaps feeling of belonging which comes with the services. Many service wives will have given up on careers to follow the rapid postings around the country and world and may have less than many other people to fall back on.

I'd like to think the MOD will look after them well. But I have my doubts. Are we short changing the very people we should be most supporting ?

Back from north of the boarder

Just back from 2 weeks visiting She who must be obeyed parents and 10 nights camping in Oban and Nairn. I was tempted to blog quiet a few times - just picking up the Glasgow Herald tends to raise the blood pressure of an Englishman a bit. But that wouldn't be having a holiday. So instead I leave you with a pictures of the wonderful beach at Lossiemouth and the Buccaneer service station outside Elgin.
PS Normal service is just about to start.

By random coincidence I have a model of XV530 sitting in my shed with me - the same aircraft as at the Elgin service station (its the only model aircraft honest - it was to be a toy for Boy in a Shed - but turns out to be to delicate for a toy).

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