Friday, April 30, 2021

An end to comments

I've just had a look over the new Daily Telegraph app.

The newspaper like fall is impressive, though I'm not sure I'm looking for that any more.

What is noticeable is the end of reader comments.

Given the hostility to the Conservative party line which they often express, you can see the attraction to the establishment of doing this.

Perhaps they hope that alone with me clamp downs on social media, they can put what they describe as popularism back in its box and we will go back to being told what to think.

I'm not so sure this will work for them.

One thing recent events have taught people is to stay questioning the given line.

I don't think that genie is going to be put back in its box. 

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Anyone learnt anything from the vaccine debacle with the EU ?

 Well that was nearly very nasty indeed. It has ended being only a little bit nasty.

The UK, though better planning and execution, got its vaccine supply chain and manufacturing rolling 3 months before the EU.

The EU is in real trouble because it stopped other countries from organising their own supplies ( though somehow Germany did anyway - why is there so little fuss about that ? ) and it hit on trying to grab some of the UK vaccine to look better.

The problem is this means people in the UK dying so the EU can save people under its jurisdiction.

We are - after a bit on NI border insanity - now in the realpolitik section of this crisis.

Clearly the UK has given a little ground ( ie sacrificed UK citizens lives in the face of threats from an aggressive foreign power - but the govt refutes the roll out program will change, but then they would wouldn't they ). In all probability the UK has given ground ( 9 million vaccines ) in exchange for being allowed to pretend to win. ( It will be possible to work out the number of UK citizens who die as a result, no doubt someone will do this ).

So we are barely being civilised.

We are certainly all ( EU, US, UK etc ) putting nation first.

This was a mild crisis. It could have been :

  • A world wide failure of harvests ( Yellowstone explodes / asteroid strike etc )
  • A really nasty virus - small pox etc
  • A mid sized nuclear war
  • A solar flare

In all cases if you had preparation its quite clear those without will come to take yours.

Say for example the UK has food rations for a year and the EU for 2 months - the EU would demand ours, and if it didn't get it then war would almost certainly follow. We now know civilisation is 3 square meals from anarchy.

I know none of this is very pleasant - but its time to rethink where the threats lie, our preparation for them, and if we get it right how we can avoid being mugged by the European Union, and then left to bleed to death in the gutter.

The mask has slipped - we would do well to learn our lessons.

PS You notice how Germany is getting away with its own vaccine order - tells you a lot about where the power really is in the EU.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A farewell to Tweets ?

Over the last few months what is becoming grouped as Silicon Valley Big Tech has been spending a lot of political capital, whether they know it or not.

They have moved from being a platform for information, though being one that also policed for its legal obligations, though to one that picks sides.

And they all picked the same side in the recent US elections.

Before the elections we the suppression of news disadvantageous to the Biden campaign, including news that had been published by one of the oldest running news paper in the United States that was actively suppressed by various technical platforms.

The wider media saved the announcement of a successful vaccine until after polls closed.

And then, perhaps sensing the quarry was fatally injured, they put their hands on the scales more openly. Trump tweets had banners under them, and the rest of the media followed through. ( The 4th estate just refused to investigate the accusations, and various election officials moved quickly to destroy evidence ).

Recently with the Capitol trespass they have doubled down ( if you look at the video of the police just letting these guys through you have to question what really went on - but don't do it on Facebook or Twitter ). Accounts have been suspended ( or close in the case of the US President ).

Of course many Trump supporters therefore left Twitter and went to Gab or Parler.

Now Gab , to give them credit, saw this coming and built their own infrastructure, but  Parler relied on Amazon. Amazon have said they will switch  Parler off at midnight tonight ( US time ). Apple ( and Google ? ) seem to be threatening to ban their app ( again Gab  bypassed these guys with a web only system some time ago ).

So just at the time that a very sizeable number of people are switching ( remember Friends reunited, Blackberry messenger etc ? No - their users moved ) Twitter main competitor is taken out for weeks.

There will be consequences.

My guess:

1) The bifurcation of platforms. Twitter on the left/new world order. others like  Parler & Gab  on the right. The establishment will try to ignore all but its pet platforms.

2) Legislation, taxation, regulation. Silicon Valley has broken cover for the radical left. The right is going to stop the assumption of benevolence that normal goes to private sector organisations.

3) Political organisations will only trust platforms that support their objectives. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple belong to the left. There 50% of the world to play for now.

And finally do I need to cancel my twitter account ?

One of the things I do value about it is the people I'm in contact with who take different views. My guess is they won't be coming across the Red Sea with me. I'll miss them, but this is starting to look like war.


See Darren Grimes interview Censoring Trump: Big Tech Has Gone Too Far - Sarah Elliott

How Government Helps Big Tech SUPPRESS Dissent - Victoria Hewson

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Back to the blog

Well its been a while, but it now seems time to return to the blog.

Twitter isn't cutting the ice, and the censorship of big Tech is getting to be a drag.

Yes there are alternatives, Telegram, Gab, Parler - and I have accounts, but also far no traction, and anyway what I'm interested in now we approach the Brexit horizon is ideas.

Blogs are the place for those ( for us mortals ).

Eventually the opinion parts of publications, along with twitter ended the happy hunting season for political blogging, but I think that time may yet return.

Its time to think out loud again and to listen to some others who are doing the same thing.

Maybe even your blog ....

Monday, November 23, 2020

Gas lighting

Well what can you be sure off?

The US election?

Covid-19 death rates?

Covid-19 origin?

You job?

When you will be allowed back from house arrest?

BLM - everything you know and rely on for you history and identity is racist?

Here's the thing, you might have an answer to some of these, but it could change over time. There is little certainty. 

Confidence is slipping and people are starting to doubt themselves. 

Cui Bono? 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

4 years and nearly there

It's our independence day again, our 4th. But still our mandate given and confirmed again and again hasn't been delivered fully.

Still things are moving in the right direction, despite all.

Its worth taking a moment to remember the peoples greatest victory over the establishment.

That wonderful morning of the 24th - I hope I never forget it.

It shows what we can do if we refuse to be bullied and down hearted.

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Lib Dem suicide mission

So the report is out, and the Lib Dems are congratulating themselves on being the sort of party that washes its dirty linen in public.

But here the thing - the road crash they had in 2019's general election was entirely predictable. Indeed their, at the time arch opponents knew it.

The revoke message was fundamentally anti-democratic. It could only have lead to enteral civil war in UK politics ( indeed it might have lead to more direct action - as politics would have been shown to be a busted flush on the method to achieve change front ).

It ignored basic political reality. 1/3 Lib Dem voters voted Leave in 2016. Did they think they were going to get them back by continually insulting their judgement, intelligence, and indeed their country ?

How did they think a general election would go when they were 1/3 of their core vote down ?

And their literature, the tonnes of literature,  all had the same extremist message.

Dio you know why the other parties didn't panic when almost a leaftet a day from the Lib Dems was dropping through letter boxes ( by the way - much of it by paid delivery - how can the figures really add up there ? ) ? It because everyone else could see the mistake the yellow party were making.

As well as the extremist anti-democratic anti-British message came the nagging Scottish super superior wifie from the Highlands. Yes it was going to be Jo Swinson's govt, with Jo Swinson's super ideas.

Now I know this isn't popular, but women don't always take kindly to the bossie class swot type character telling them what to do, especially if she's younger ( reminding everyone of their relative failure ), pretty but preaching bossie feminism.

Frankly the Lib Dems did well to keep 11 MPs, and at least lost the one who lead them into the valley of electoral death.

What is the point of the Lib Dems ? Anyone know ?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Waiting for the cough

I haven't blogged on Covid-19 as I think there's enough material out there.

I was one of those people who saw this coming from some distance, mostly thanks to the company I work for getting very concerned about this in late Jan, early Feb. They know what they are talking about and whilst people were still watching spokespeople on TV explaining not to worry and the seasonal flu killed lots of people anyway I was taking advantage of Tesco's 2 for 1 offers on canned food ( yes they were running them then. )

There's a lot in the media now about China being less than straight, and this all being a surprise, but you know if you looked you could see this coming a mile off. And I did. My initial anxiety was in Jan / Feb. I emailed relatives to warn them, knowing that this was going to get the chicken liken type jokes back - but hey they are family ( and yes they ignored me ).

Lock down has been weird and normal. Work carries on as before.

But now the next phase is coming, that part where you get to take your turn on the mix between the national bad luck lottery and Russian Roulette. Its not clear how many chambers on the Covid-19 gun are loaded, but when you hear the chamber rotating you know the hammer's next and the rest will be beyond your help.

Its the same for everyone, and the country is behaving very well indeed.

My wife has stepped back to a local hospital, as everyone has to do their part. Its not Covid-19, but the staff don't wear masks and they do get close. 

That far sighted company I work for has started wondering about the return to work, and whisper it, they are thinking masks all round. 

They are also talking staff reductions.

The economic news is dire - and being at home doesn't really expose the full enormity of what is going on. But the food that gets delivered ( told you I was prepared ) comes from somewhere, and has to be paid with by work that others want from me. That looks in question ....

But this is not what has me up tonight - its my wife just coughed and had a slight sore throat before going to bed .... 

Others have faced their time in the trenches or on long convoys and you just have to face up to the possibilities - accept the risk and take your turn. Today's personal concerns are nothing on sitting in a light bomb shelter in the early 1940's.

There's far worse out there ( we daren't even think about some of the nations of the world ).

Its the small hours ....

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The lie of the People's Vote

Next week the campaign to keep the people of the United Kingdom enslaved in the European Union will hold its next rally.

Many middle class people will attend, some my friends ( and they still will be afterwards ).

But I don't think many will be aware of what is going on or its potential consequences were the movement they have been liked to and co-opted into supporting succeeds.

Lets be clear - there can't be a second referendum that's fair.

This is why its the EU's favourite trick. They know that the people tire, and turnout drops, when their voting is futile. They know all those people who went to the polling station for the first time in 40 years, will lack the self confidence to go back.

Its worked in Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark - they think it will work here.

In 2016 those who wanted our country back had to deal with every main political party, except UKIP either tacitly supporting Remain or campaigning directly for it.

The BBC may have tried to give equal air time - something they have of course picked up a lot of stick for - but that didn't counter the decades of pro-Brussels propaganda - or for that matter the point that most BBC employees wanted remain.

Companies and foreign merchant banks funded the campaign and afterwards never used tax rules were used to punish those who funded Leave ( never remain ) and a whole series of vexatious and false investigations were launched to harass Leave supporters.

Since the referendum the key newspapers that supported Leave have mostly been taken over by Remain supporters ( Daily Mail - editor replaced with remain fanatic, Daily Express - purchased by the Mirror, the Standard - a vengeful George Osborn's new job ). Its like they were preparing to make sure if the EU punishment referendum came no one would be there to stand against them.

And then came the lawyers. The laws you thought applied - guess what they didn't. Always they were interpreted to favour remain. Article 50 - it turned out could be revoked ( even though everyone knew it couldn't before the referendum result )..

In politics a general election occurred where remain MPs lied about supporting their manifestos, then they betrayed their country by forcing through the surrender act. Indeed Lib Dem MEPs campaigned against any deal with a letter.

The speaker of the House of Commons overrode the advice he received and allowed rebels to take control of the parliamentary business, hardly bothering to conceal his own radical anti UK independence views.

Do you think anyone is going to accept another vote after this ?

How do you think those who think their country has been stolen from them by liars and oath breakers are going to respond ?

Do you think there will never be a govt elected that will just declare UDI and leave the EU without any negotiation ?

You are in denial, but more dangerously you are sowing the wind ...

Its quite clear this is just about power - if remainers actually believed their own arguments then the inevitable upset from leaving the EU would soon force our reapplication.

But its not that you fear is it ? Its shame, for everyone's sake, you lack the personal integrity to understand what you should fear.