Sunday, January 31, 2021

Anyone learnt anything from the vaccine debacle with the EU ?

 Well that was nearly very nasty indeed. It has ended being only a little bit nasty.

The UK, though better planning and execution, got its vaccine supply chain and manufacturing rolling 3 months before the EU.

The EU is in real trouble because it stopped other countries from organising their own supplies ( though somehow Germany did anyway - why is there so little fuss about that ? ) and it hit on trying to grab some of the UK vaccine to look better.

The problem is this means people in the UK dying so the EU can save people under its jurisdiction.

We are - after a bit on NI border insanity - now in the realpolitik section of this crisis.

Clearly the UK has given a little ground ( ie sacrificed UK citizens lives in the face of threats from an aggressive foreign power - but the govt refutes the roll out program will change, but then they would wouldn't they ). In all probability the UK has given ground ( 9 million vaccines ) in exchange for being allowed to pretend to win. ( It will be possible to work out the number of UK citizens who die as a result, no doubt someone will do this ).

So we are barely being civilised.

We are certainly all ( EU, US, UK etc ) putting nation first.

This was a mild crisis. It could have been :

  • A world wide failure of harvests ( Yellowstone explodes / asteroid strike etc )
  • A really nasty virus - small pox etc
  • A mid sized nuclear war
  • A solar flare

In all cases if you had preparation its quite clear those without will come to take yours.

Say for example the UK has food rations for a year and the EU for 2 months - the EU would demand ours, and if it didn't get it then war would almost certainly follow. We now know civilisation is 3 square meals from anarchy.

I know none of this is very pleasant - but its time to rethink where the threats lie, our preparation for them, and if we get it right how we can avoid being mugged by the European Union, and then left to bleed to death in the gutter.

The mask has slipped - we would do well to learn our lessons.

PS You notice how Germany is getting away with its own vaccine order - tells you a lot about where the power really is in the EU.

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