Monday, September 25, 2006

Did Cherie Blair walk out on Gordon ?

Note - check out the video link to Bloomberg news at the end of the post !

Bloomberg - till about 2 mins ago were reporting that Cherie Blair walked out during Gordon Browns speech. ( Surely this can be confirmed or denied via video ).

It also reports her as saying "well that's a lie" - some confusion as to when - a gap the NuLabour spin masters will no doubt use to full effect.

I also heard this reported on R4 News - citing it was provisional (not confirmed) but Bloomberg was the source.

Could Bloomberg have made a mistake ? ( The emails of their reporters are on the article if you want to check ). Update - it does look like Bloomberg have got some of the details wrong - see below.

Live Update: As I write Bloomberg have just issued a correction - see below:

Looks like Guido was there earlier too - see his post here.
Guido has a further update here ! The NuLabour spin counter strike has tried to silence Bloomberg - with no success so far !

Could it all be part of a plot to spoil Gordon's big speech ? The Brownites will almost certainly think so. So Brown gets done over - after he's made his speech and nailed his colours to the Blair mast for a 2nd conference. Does he never learn ?


Just heard Jack Straw on R4 pm (c 17:40) saying No10 press office denying this ever happened. ( That's Jack Straw's version Andrew Brice of the Independent isn't so sure and just says No 10 press office is only denying certain aspects of the story ). Surely Jack isn't allowing us to come to false conclusions based on dodgy info ( like go to war against Iraq for example ).

They are a disgrace to our country and must be put out of office as soon as possible , IMHO

Further Update:

The Daily Telegraph reports Cherie's denial she said Gordon Brown was a liar here..

If that is right then the reporter from Bloomberg must be a liar or someone with a hearing difficulty. How likely is that ?

(Yet another Update - check out the video of the Bloomberg reporter telling this story here - hat tip to wythenshawe-bloke for the link ! )
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Man in a Shed said...

OK I highlighted the wrong location of conference in 2 para - but you get the idea I think.

Toque said...

If Jack Straw denies it then it's true.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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