Monday, September 25, 2006

Grumpy Gordon travels to Manchester

Just listening to his grumpyness trying to explain why he should be PM on R4 Today program.

He thinks hundreds of people have been killed by Al Q (wrong it is thousands now - he should know that - we all do ).

He thinks politicians should be taken away day to day decisions - well maybe its just Labour have bad ministers. Everyone else managed to govern before him. But he has a lot of blame to unload for the last 9 years - decisions that are haunting them now.

He also thinks he's good at empowering communities and devolving power. Like Scotland and Wales (aka Labour pork fiefdoms). Obviously all those rumours about the treasury having a shadow government and micro managing domestic policy must be wrong. Right ?

No comment on Tony Blairs knifing of him on Mr Marr's show on Sunday.

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