Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin is a sad loss - but at least he contributed to mankind

Been watching the various stories about the tragic death of Steve Irwin, Australia's Crocodile Hunter. Here in the UK there is a hint, especially on the BBC, that he interacted with the animals too much and wasn't a proper wild life presenter.

I see parallels with the prevailing risk averse view of life. Nature knows best - don't interfere - don't let man do anything - just restore the natural state. This represents a loss of collective confidence. Steve Irwin to me represented the reverse. Respect for nature - but with his human curiosity and courage to do things in tact.

He was no doubt a great man who gave a proactive view of his field of work. Something we could all do with more of.

He will be rightly missed.

But not by Germaine Greer it seems - her comments are put in the rightful context ( ie torn up ) here.

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