Friday, September 15, 2006

Harriet Harman has no Y chromosome so vote for her turn as labour Token

Yes the intellectual power house of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman ( putting on a mock working class accent - its real campaigning now - so time to decieve the Labour voters ) in on the radio at the moment [R4 PM 17:10] explaining why there must be a token woman elected at Labour party leader ( and she says, letting her accent slip back to posh, "Deputy Prime minster").

She also weaselled her way around ignoring her own call for everyone to stop destabilising Tony Blair last week.

A female John Prescott ? Why not comrades - its already clear that you could care less about talent in key posts. The government is now run for the egos and perks that the career political hacks can extract from the country. Vote for the Token Woman - who cares about talent in the Labour party ? ( Is there any ? apart from the boy Milliblog who clearly thinks he's very clever )

PS Blogspot still not back as I send this so this may be dated if it gets published !

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