Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The call to see 'The Plan' is a trap

The elite in Parliament are still wary of openly stopping Brexit - though they have the parliamentary mussel to do it.

What stop a very few is common decency - no one before the referendum date could have imagined the contorted circles and pontificating that is going on right now. Indeed David Cameron promised to use article 50 the day after the referendum. ( But then he also said he'd stay as PM. )

For by far the larger number of MPs who supported Remain its fear of the electorate that holds them in place. Labour know Theresa May could recall the fixed term parliaments act then call a general election - where many of them would be wiped out for backing the EU against the wishes of their constituents.

So how to get round this ?

There plan is to go long ( all delay is good - as it may stretch things out until some circumstances have changed and they can argue the electorate has changed its mind ).

But they also want to change the subject from Brexit to 'has every negotiating aim been achieved?' - if not surely you need another referendum or perhaps they can pretend the whole thing is invalid.

The EU side will play along and make sure something important is unachievable, knowing that the fifth column in Parliament will work to destroy their nations independence and sovereignty in co-operation.

Everything Labour ask for is only being requested as they think it will be useful to stop the UK regaining its sovereignty and to over turn the will of the British people.

Every time they deny this their disingenuous duplicity is far more obvious than they realise.

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