Monday, October 03, 2016

Why should anyone trust Theresa May ?

There was a #Remoaner article by Alex Massie in the Spectator making the usual excuses for continuing the suspension of sovereignty and democracy that Remain are so committed to.

But he asks one good question - if Theresa May is this week so committed to sovereignty, independence and the restoration of democracy - then why wasn't she before June 23rd this year ?

Yes she kept a level of profile that would have made Agent Corbyn proud on the subject, but she sided with Cameron, Osborn, Goldman Sachs and the EU against the United Kingdom as a sovereign country.

Yet today we have the born again Kipper incarnation of Mrs May.

Don't get me wrong I put country before party and wish the current government the very best in the type of Brexit is seems to want to claim for the United Kingdom. But this doesn't mean there's no questions to be asked about the unexplained road to Damascus conversion of Mrs May.

Could it be that the thing that has scared the Conservatives most has been UKIP embedding into our political system ?

We know Mrs May plays her cards close to her chest. She has still managed to avoid the ideology tags. She certainly had David Cameron and George Osborne fooled as to her real views on how they ran government.

She has the capacity to avoid being understood ( I could put this a less generous way ).

She is clearly tactically astute, brave, patient, ruthless and bold.

But can those of us who campaigned for Brexit and to get our country back trust her any more than David Cameron could ? ( In fairness she didn't betray David Cameron - just clearly harbour some very strong criticisms of his approach and goals that she kept loyally quiet ).

Lets also remember that one of the key objectives of the Conservative party has been to try to cut of the oxygen supply from UKIP - might this be what is really going on just now ?

Without UKIP the establishment will be able to go back to the Euro Oligarchical stitch up they were so pleased with and which protected them from the people.

History already teaches us to treat Mrs May with caution.

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James Higham said...

One can't trust her, she presides over stagnation, doing nothing, promising everything to whomever she's with at the time.