Sunday, October 02, 2016

Brexit was a choice - not a test

A lot of the Remoaner whinging in the press, MSM and twitter is based on the assumption the British electorate got it wrong on June 23rd.

Well here's the thing - it wasn't a test to spot the right answer - it was a choice between different futures.

And the British people decided they wanted to live in a sovereign independent democratic country and hence voted for Brexit.

They could have decided to stick with the EU project as it moves on towards eventual super state union, but they didn't want that.

The electorate didn't get it wrong - they gave a clear instruction to their government and parliament - and instruction that government and parliament asked them to give.

Indeed David Cameron could not have been clearer that the result would be enacted ( he promised the very next day ) and I didn't hear any of the #Remoaner voices that now speak up saying this wouldn't be the case.

This is a matter of good faith. It is a matter of whether we live in a democracy or not.

We said we wanted Brexit - get on with it.

It would be a very serious mistake to do anything else.

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