Sunday, January 01, 2017

When they say Unity they mean surrender

Our current prime minister has issued two messages to the nation on Christmas day and New Years day - ( she does know she's not head of state right ? ).

Both call for unity after the EU referendum.

Justin Welby ( Archbishop of Canterbury ) - the man who said the CofE would be neutral in the referendum and then plumped to support Remain anyway - is also call for Unity.

What they mean is the people should accept the sell out that's probably coming. ( Of course I don't know, but I can see the ground work being done for it ).
    First we had the people didn't mean it - vote again.
    Then came the people were confused by a bus message - and its only advisory anyway.
    Then came the delay - long enough to let Remain agents launch a legal challenge to the govt - of a type that has always failed in the past when it would have inconvenienced the move to an EU super state - but suddenly works when it might stop the UK regaining its sovereignty and democratic government.
    Then they said well they didn't mean the single market - we are staying in that right ? With the #ECJ still in charge and #EU law still supreme and large antiquates of tribute money paid to fund the EU.
    Many videos of the Remain side warning that this is exactly what a Leave vote would mean and of Leave campaigners saying this was what was wanted meant this line was too embarrising to hold. Also the 70 % of Labour MPs who's constituencies voted Leave who would face a snap general election if they tried to implement this betrayal meant another approach was needed.
    Step forward arch Remain campaigner Philip Hammond MP - who started asking for transition deals. Deals without, so #Remoaners schemed, end dates. ( Though the EU has been less than helpful here suggesting an specific end date would be required ).
So now we are in 2017. The article 50 on the very next day promise by David Cameron ( who failed to let the civil service plan for Brexit ) has been broken. By her indecisiveness Theresa May opened the door to the supper rich elite #remoaners, who have done so well out of cheap Labour, low wages, mass immigration, vast complex regulation and the mass economic destruction of the Euro, to try to buy expensive legal council to get the result in the courts.

We have the call for Unity - which looks a lot like a call to compromise on what was a clear decision that both sides agreed on the consequences of it being made - before the rich elite lost and decided they could try to buy, bully, lie and cheat the country out of its demand to return the powers stolen from us by the gradual deceit of past politicians.

It seems likely the supreme court - packed full of arch remainers and linked to the legal establishment that has grown so rich with the complex laws and regulations of the EU - will uphold the high court decision. Possibly they will try to make Brexit much more difficult. I have to tell you those calling for Unity under these circumstances must know its a joke.

There is only one form a Unity that will wash in the UK and that is unity behind a sovereign United Kingdom and the Crown.

But of course I doubt this is what Welby and May are calling for.

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