Monday, January 23, 2017

If there is a breach of faith ...

Everyday the news is full of those who campaigned for staying subject to the European Union arguing mostly for the EU oven ready castrated form of fake Brexit that staying in the Single Market would amount to.

If you haven't twigged it already just understand that staying in the Single Market means staying in the EU - but as a slave region with no influence - just a bill to pay every week and laws and ECJ court rulings to implement. ( Which of course is why the Remoaners are so keen on it. )

Those who say they accept the EU Referendum result and then argue for staying in the Single Market are engaged in what Peter Oborne has phrased "political lying". We know they are doing it, and those who don't yet know would learn the awful truth soon enough if they got their way.

What those who won't accept the decision made by the people seem to forget if the worse possible outcome now is not some economic shock ( there's one coming whatever is decided as debt and the Euro disaster will explode shortly ) its the breach of faith they are campaigning, plotting and conspiring to bring about.

A country that has been democratically raped by the Remoaners will never again be at peace with itself.

Never again would the argument for change at the ballot box be credible. No one in Labour or the Conservatives will be able to pretend that they can work for sovereignty and democracy from within those parties - as the evidence to the country will be too blatant to ignore.

I doubt there would be a revolution, at least not straight away, but when the next big shock comes which requires the strength of national cohesion to hold our society together the rich liberal elite should not expect the people to back them. The trust and faith in our national government would be mortally wounded.

If something like the London riots, bird flu, another banking crisis or such black swan moments were to occur you might find people unwilling to back our elite rulers.

The court that Blair created will rule tomorrow on  how our nation can regain its sovereignty. They don't enjoy the confidence of a large amount of the population, who assume they are part of an establishment stitch up. Lets hope they have used wisdom, but the signs from their back grounds and known prejudices suggest this will be unlikely.

If Remoaners succeed in their plotted breach of faith then everyone will have a long time to regret it.

Note: I should point out that many Remain campaigners and voters have accepted the EU Referendum result. There is a distinction of integrity between those who campaigned for Remain, and those who seek to steal the result - the Remoaners.

Update: See also "Our Democracy must pass the Brexit Test"


barnacle bill said...

I fear that the biggest Remoaner we have to deal with resides in Number 10.

The performance of said resident over the failed Trident launch shows this person has a problem with being truthful. Another EU-Quisling dressed in leather torusers?

Man in a Shed said...

She is hard to read. She's opted us into the EU Arrest warrant, when she didn't need to. Since the referendum she opted us back into Europol and the EU patent system, meaning the ECJ will still have jurisdiction in some areas of UK activity.

However, she does seem to have understood that the Single Market is staying in the EU.

We will have to wait.

My point here is to the remoaners who need to understand that the UK going back to happily tolerating EU rule have gone. If they are clever and devious enough and manage to thwart Brexit, they will not be returning to the United Kingdom of the 22nd of June 2016, but somewhere all together darker when the consent to rule will have evapourated and democratic elections will have lost their meaning.