Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Labour can be in NATO and have Nuclear weopons or surrender with Corbyn and its time to decide

Well that's done it. I don't think the media has fully realise what Jeremy Corbyn has just done - because I haven't heard it from any of the commentators yet.

Here's the thing the UK holds nuclear weapons as a deterrent against Nuclear attack or Nuclear black mail by other states or actors.

That deterrent only works if your enemies think you'll use it.

Its quite clear that if the phone rang and the chief of the defence staff phoned Prime Minister Corby to say a nation had launched a massive nuclear attack against the UK that Mr Corbyn wouldn't authorise a reprisal. ( Or at least the attacker could reasonably expect this ).

That means Trident is useless if Corbuyn is PM - regardless of if you renew it or keep it. The Labour party can pretend otherwise and I'm sure some of the cowardly New Labour types will try to do this.

Also ... NATO is a Nuclear Alliance. France and the United States back every other member with their Nuclear weapons - as currently does the UK. If a Corbyn administration won't use the UK's few where the morality on relying on the US to use theirs and trade US Cities defending UK cities ? Are US Trident submarines more moral than UK ones ?

Clearly Corbyn can't stay in NATO.

There are plenty of people in Labour who said they were committed to NATO and the UK's nuclear deterrent. There is almost no more important policy.

Those people must now either depose Corbyn or leave Labour, and if they want to avoid looking like Claire Short then they don't have much time to decide in.


ialbion said...

We will have to bunker down in your shed.
Is it just me or is every one running up there own bottoms?

James Higham said...

That shed is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition.