Tuesday, April 17, 2012

-9% less one

Two headline news items caught my ear this morning. Firstly the okay to carry on drilling for shale gas - more on which later today and the 9% lead for Labour in the polls right now over the Consecrative party.

As you'll see from my about box that will be -9% less one as I've made the move to join UKIP. The motivation for this has two main headings;

1) Despair at the Conservative party. 

Its not just David Cameron who has lead the Conservative party into the Heathite muddle its now in. The rest of the party has let it happen. Now perhaps there were few actual party members listening to the leaders speech last year as the hall was filled with Guardian reading lobbiest but a party like the Conservative party should *never* have advocated abolishing marriage and replacing it with a metropolitan elites little dream of the moment. A proper conservative party would *never* have cheered a leader who stood up a tried to pull that sort of heresy off.

Add to this the clear betrayal on the EU.

Also add in the failure to reform public services at a time that they are clearly bankrupting the nation. ( And for a conservative party to try and hide behind just bank bashing, rather than spelling out the truth to the population. ) You see when you fail to take the main issues to the population, then they will not support you when the required actions are taken.

the half baked nature of the government is perhaps blameable on the Lib Dems, but that just doesn't cover it. The underlying problem is summed up in this particular quote from scripture - used for a different purpose here:

Matthew 16:25 "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will find it."

The current crop of professional politicians have put their careers ahead of the good of the country. Its true anyone who spells out the truth to the voters right now had better have a second career option, but the nation needs that sort of prophetic sacrifice.

The budget fiasco is just the proof of what happens when your half hearted and duplicitous. ( Which is what you get spending too much time with the Lib Dems. )

2) A feasible future needs to be laid out

UKIP aren't perfect. A number of well known bloggers and columnists have joined and then left UKIP. Some policies "need work" - but that is true of any political party. ( I'd personally put defence on that list for UKIP ).

But the truth is a lot of the evils in our society have their root in the EU. Our democracy is undermined by the EU. Our society is undermined by allied institutions such as the court in the Hague and Strasbourg and international treaty obligations entered into when the world was a different place from what it is today.

We are faced with a choice between managed ( and frankly mismanaged ) decline by people who are in it for themselves, with being dissolved into the bureaucratic nightmare of the EU as a distraction or having the strength of character and self belief to pull ourselves out and set a course with a future. Only UKIP offers the hope of that.

The politics might be terrible in the short term. Labour may become the next government as a result, but I've now lost faith in the Conservative party's ability to turn the ship around. We end up at the same final destination - just a little quicker with Labour at the Helm.

Its time to start join those making the arguments for a future for out nations ( yes I like the English Parliament committmemnt from UKIP also ).

I'm told the stay at home factor for Conservative supporters looks massive for the upcoming local elections - UKIPs challenge is to persuade those people and those on the left that there is a futrure for the UK and you can vote for it.

Will there be a UKIP government - not in any near future I can see. But could UKIP force the political debate onto a course that will save our nations ? Yes - I believe it can. And I'm willing to be optimistic enough to give it a go.


The Boiling Frog said...

Welcome aboard Man in a Shed, I noticed a while ago your 'about' profile had changed to 'independent'.


James Higham said...

What it needs is real talent, mature talent to get in there, on the grounds that there is no other way in the UK at this point.