Thursday, April 12, 2012

Final destination ?

The stop UKIP campaign is getting up steam over on the usual party sounding boards of the staggers, Con Home, and the Telegraph. Articles by those trying to explain why voting UKIP doesn't make sense are rolling of the keyboards of uber modernisers and Cameroon loyalists, they claim not to be worried and that its idiotic to vote or join UKIP - their need for action tells another story.

The BBC has done its best to keep a lid on the UKIP surge in London giving a disgraceful preference to the loony Greens over the UKIP candidate for London mayor on their Newsnight debate.

The debate that has just got very hot, is one that many Conservative loyalists have in their hearts quietly from time to time. If you asked them which party fits most closely with what they believe and want for the country they'd vote UKIP ( I've had long serving Conservative members admit to voting UKIP at European elections ). But Conservatives are usually pragmatists and they worry about letting in Labour or worse the EUSSR fanatic Lib Dems.

This is my guess as to what keeps the lid on any wide spread defections to UKIP.

But this all depends on a strong differentiation between Conservatives and the BBC/Labour/Lib Dem alliance.

What if the deficit goes up anyway ? What if equality fascism continues it march through the institutions ? What is in the end the government just surrenders to Brussels ? In short what if it makes no difference whether Ed Miliband or David Cameron are PM when the final destination is the same ?

This is what things look like to many of us and CCHQ should be very very nervous right now.

Yes Gove's great - and IDS would be great if self serving moron Lib Dems would let him help people - but the rest look like a shower right now.

Things are now very very unstable. A movement may lead to an avalanche. The Conservative party could be heading for its Limehouse Decleration moment or Italian political shock that killed their Christian Democrats.

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